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Thursday, July 25, 2024

KZ and TJ pay tribute to Bisaya music with ‘Dodong’ and ‘Inday’

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Singers and real-life couple KZ Tandingan and TJ Monterde have released endearing Bisaya songs, “Dodong” and “Inday,” respectively dedicating each tune to each other.

Poles apart from the usual sound of the Asia’s Soul Supreme, “Dodong” is a certified lullaby that translates as KZ’s ode of gratitude for TJ’s great love for her. It also brings a message of eternal affection no matter what life may bring to the couple.

KZ and TJ share their love story in the music playlist ‘Simula,’ which features new singles ‘Dodong’ and ‘Inday.’
KZ and TJ share their love story in the music playlist ‘Simula,’ which features new singles ‘Dodong’ and ‘Inday.’

“I wrote ‘Dodong’ two years ago. It was my first time writing a Bisaya lullaby, but I never meant for it to be released. It was so TJ would have a song he can listen to when he finds it hard to sleep,” KZ said, who named it “Dodong,” a Bisaya word referring to a young man.

Hesitant to release the song as a single because it was ‘too personal’ for her, the Kapamilya singer was convinced by none other than her husband, TJ, who said, “Don’t worry! I’ll write a song about ‘Inday’ so ‘Dodong’ doesn’t have to be released alone.”

Meanwhile, TJ shared that he wrote the song “Inday”—which refers to a young lady in Bisaya—as a song of reassurance for the one and only Inday in his life, KZ.

“Dodong” and “Inday” are now part of the “Simula” playlist available on Star Music’s YouTube channel.

The new playlist from the Bisaya couple also includes their collaboration “Can’t Wait To Say I Do,” which the couple launched after they got married in 2020, as well as the titular track “Simula.”

A multi-awarded singer-performer, KZ hails from Davao del Sur and is currently part of Star Music’s roster of artists, while the equally-talented TJ, a recording artist of PolyEast Records, is from Cagayan de Oro.


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