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4 tips to choose the best space to create and invest

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Ninety percent of the world’s millionaires got their wealth by investing in real estate. This was famously claimed by billionaire Andrew Carnegie and has been concurred by many investment journals and publications. But if getting rich through real estate was so lucrative, why isn’t everyone doing it? That is because getting into investment properties can be tricky. Without the proper know-how, it could lead to monumental loss and heartbreak.

The benefits of starting a real estate portfolio can be significant but you need to choose wisely. So here are the top tips to find a home that can be your best investment as well as a place to create unforgettable memories and stories.

4 tips to choose the best space to create and invest

1. Centrality and proximity is key

“Location, location, location,” is a mantra of most real estate investors. To choose a good one, you need to make sure that it is a place central to all your needs. If you are planning to start a family, it has to be ideal to your work commute and should give easy access to city amenities. If you are planning to rent it out or eventually sell, a good locale will ensure your home’s long- term appreciation potential.

A good case in point is when Phinma Properties developed Likha Residences. With location being a priority, the horizontal development was erected in the south of the Metro – Alabang. Residents get to enjoy the joys of luxe living with nearby schools, malls, a business district, plus easy access to vacation spots in the South.

2. Ensure maximum security

Before you invest your life savings in a property, make sure that your prized-asset is in a secure environment, especially given our valuable experience from the current pandemic.

Using Likha Residences again as an example, the townhomes were structured to be a safe and a protected community. It has a double-gated entrance and exit areas and has a round-the-clock security, which ensures its residents a sense of comfort and certainty.

3. Choose a timeless design

Home trends in the Philippines have changed so much over the years – from Japanese to Balinese, to industrial and now minimalist. But all throughout these changes, there is one home aesthetic that has outlasted them all, the modern Filipino design.

This timelessness is also the reason why Likha Residences was built with a concept that combines the best of two worlds. Made with earth tones and a natural palette, “We have townhomes with 3 or 4 storeys, some with backyards and some with elevated gardens, that marry the essence of Filipino design and the necessities of modern life,” added Raphael Felix, CEO and President of PHINMA Properties.

What’s more, each storey at Likha Residences townhome, with its natural materials, sustainable aesthetic and wide-open spaces, was consciously designed so that future residents will be inspired to create stories after storeys.

4. Pay careful attention to the property's service and accessibility

Check your future home investment’s property management. What reputation do they have? Do you think they will act in your best interest? Whether you choose to live in the home or open it for rent, you need to be able to trust the property management group with the operation, control, and maintenance of your property. A little bit of research will go a long way.

To illustrate once again by example, Likha Residences made sure that hospitality which is a distinct Filipino trait, is one of its core values. That is why they put into place their own in-house management team trained to service the needs of the community. Even the turnover of the property is made to be very Filipino to make it smooth and easy.

4 tips to choose the best space to create and invest

With these 4 tips in mind, you will be able to grow your wealth and the chance to find your dream home.

Now if you are ready to create a life in a home built for stories after storeys, then schedule a home tour at Likha Residences by contacting (02) 8535 6800 or +63 917 535 6800.

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