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Pinoy designer gives Nova team a dressing-down

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Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco trended on Twitter over the weekend for serving some “hot tea” to douse the insinuation of the team of Canadian beauty queen Nova Stevens that he was partly responsible for her loss in the recently- concluded Miss Universe pageant for sending an ill-fitting gown.

Canadian beauty Nova Stevens in a Michael Cinco gown

Cinco called out Stevens and her team from MGMode Communications for being “ungrateful, vile and professional users,” adding that they have scammed him for the past three years.

“I dressed up most A-List Hollywood Celebrities, Royalties and wealthiest clients all over the world and they only have one rule in fashion…if the dress don’t fit, don’t wear it,” he said in a Facebook post.

“You and your team have been using me and taking advantage of my kindness for the past three consecutive years to dress up your candidates without paying me any cents. You don’t even pay the courier or any other charges. A simple thank you note from Nova, you and your team would have sufficed. But you don’t have the grace and decency to do that,” he added.

Cinco reacted to a social media comment by MGMode Communications which read: “The truth need (sic) to be told! The gown was sent late by Michael’s team, and when it arrived none of them fitted! We were able to fix one for the finals but the one for prelims, we didn’t have time.”

Cinco advised MGMode not to ask him or any Filipino designer to dress up their candidates in the future.

“Ask your Canadian designers to showcase their works on the world stage. Stop taking advantage of my kindness and stop scamming Filipino designers,” he said.

A few hours after Cinco’s social media outburst, Stevens, who represented Canada in the 69th edition of Miss Universe in Hollywood, Florida, took to Instagram and went live to address the issue.

“This really hurts me because I have nothing but love for both parties. They have both helped me in ways that I can’t even count. So every day I do count my blessings because of these two people, or I guess three cause MGMode are two people and Michael Cinco,” the 26-year-old model said.

“You have created the most beautiful gowns I could think of. I’ve never once imagined that I would work with you because you’re Michel Cinco. So the fact that I was able to work with you is honestly a highlight of my career as Miss Universe Canada. So I just want you to know that – that gratitude would never be diminished no matter what. And I’ll express that gratitude publicly and privately,” Stevens added.

Meanwhile, another Filipino designer broke his silence on his “horrible experience” working with the team behind Miss Universe Canada.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Rian Fernandez shared his ordeal going to Thailand at his own expense to deliver five custom gowns he made for Miss Universe Canada 2018 Marta Magdalena Stepien.

“Unfortunately, I did not have the courage to speak before because I am just a small brand. I was scared that it would boomerang on me. Now that I know that I was not the only one treated badly by Denis (Davila of MGMode), but other Filipino designers as well… I cannot be silent anymore,” Fernandez said.

“We were promised by Denis that Marta will wear me to the preliminary and final competition because we have a group chat of continuous updates on how the five gowns are going,” he added.

Fernandez said that he tried getting back the gowns so other candidates could use them instead but he was promised the gowns will still be used. The then Miss Canada ended up wearing a Michael Cinco gown during the pageant night.

“Denis didn’t return the gowns. I was devastated and cried in my hotel room. I questioned my talent and skill as a designer,” Fernandez said.


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