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Lovebirds Vice and Ion turn to sports to combat pandemic blues

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Lovebirds Vice and Ion turn to sports to combat pandemic bluesIn a recent digital event, popular comedian-host Vice Ganda revealed how he and boyfriend Ion Perez are combating boredom now that a stricter quarantine classification is still being imposed in Metro Manila.

“Actually, we turned to sports to entertain ourselves during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) period. We set up a makeshift badminton court in front of the house so we can play. Ion and I bought a badminton net for this purpose,” the It’s Showtime host said.

Lovebirds Vice and Ion turn to sports to combat pandemic blues
Vice Ganda and Ion Perez

“I also bought a basketball ring. I enjoy playing basketball with Ion. Funny I told myself that if the ECQ will persist, I will add a beach volleyball court in my yard,” he added in jest.

Interestingly, the “Unkabogable Star” also revealed in his latest YouTube vlog that Ion got sprained in a game so he decided to buy a brand new PS5 to entertain themselves while waiting for him to be okay again.

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“We are currently studying how to play PS5 and so far, it’s fun. So you see, we’ve done a lot of things to ease the boredom brought about by the ECQ.”

For Vice, it’s important to amuse ourselves during these critical times.

“Well, boredom and sadness are not good for our well-being. When you’re bored, so many things get into your mind and that’s what I want to avoid. Especially during these pandemic times, it’s very important to achieve balance. So, it’s better to turn your attention into other things and get busy, right,” Vice stressed.

“I vow to do everything just to entertain us. We can’t let boredom or sadness overcome us. I for one, I choose not to be sad. It’s good that in my case, I was able to save and has the freedom to find ways to amuse myself,” he carried on.

When it comes to coping with the pandemic, Vice believes that it’s our own choice on how we are going to survive the situation. 

“We have different ways to cope. As for me, I will look for ways to escape sadness right away. I don’t want to sulk in that phase.”

If he were to choose which the worst kind of pain is among psychological, mental, and physical, which tops his list?

 “Well, it will depend on your strength. There are people who are mentally but not physically strong like me. Growing up, I was able to train myself to become emotionally strong. But if it’s physical, I’m really affected,” ended Vice.

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It can be said that Sanya Lopez’s time has arrived. 

Apart from the consistent high ratings of her GMA primetime vehicle First Yaya opposite Gabby Concepcion, she will also be part of Sen. Bong Revilla’s Agimat ng Agila, which is scheduled to air in May. This means that from Monday to Saturday, the sultry star will be seen by avid boob tube viewers.

Due to this, many are curious as to how she can attend to her love life considering her hectic work schedule.

“Honestly, I’m not in a hurry to jump into a relationship right now. I’m not looking and waiting for it. I’m certain that it will come in God’s perfect time,” avers Sanya. 

But does she have any admirers?

“Well, I guess there are though I’m not quite sure if they have the intention to court me. All I know is that they’re kind to me. I also don’t think that they’re shy or what. In return, I’m also friendly to them,” she answers.

“I believe that if there is someone for me, he will come at any given time. Even if I’m focused on my work, if he will come, I can’t do anything about it,” she adds.

Lovebirds Vice and Ion turn to sports to combat pandemic blues
Sanya Lopez

At present, Sanya is very happy on the set of First Yaya.

“We’re like one big, happy family. All of us are close. After our lock-in taping, we make it a point to communicate with one another through video call,” she states. 

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