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Isla Norte Energy installs 20,000-liter tank to ensure stable power supply in Bantayan Island

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Isla Norte Energy Corp., a partnership between Vivant Energy Corp. and Gigawatt Power Inc., installed an additional fuel storage to ensure reliable and stable power supply to the service area of Bantayan Electric Cooperative, an executive said over the weekend.

“The fuel tank with a capacity of 20,000 liters will provide added security and flexibility in the emergency power supply that INEC provides Banelco as sometimes delivery of fuel to the islands are hampered by bad weather,” INEC vice president Cris Fernandez said in a statement.

Banelco contacted INEC to provide emergency power for a year to address any shortage in supply from the electric coop’s current power provider.

The generators installed by INEC at the Banelco compound produce 3 megawatts, or nearly half of Bantayan Island’s total demand.

“INEC provided the additional fuel storage at no additional cost to Banelco and its member-consumers as part of its commitment to Bantayanons in providing secure and stable power,” Fernandez said.

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INEC is constructing a 23.3-megawatt diesel power plant that will supply the long-term total power requirement of Bantayan Island.

The power firm was awarded a 15-year contract to supply Banelco following a successful competitive selection process. The new power plant will be completed by the third quarter this year.

Vivant Energy and Gigawatt Power have a long partnership of providing reliable and stable power to off-grid and on-grid areas.

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