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Marco Gumabao admits feelings for Julia Barretto

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In his recent guest appearance in Julia Barretto’s “#DrunkAndSpill” vlog series, Marco Gumabao admitted that there was one phase in the past when he had a crush on the young actress.

The hunky actor said that it happened around five years ago when the now Viva artist was still a teenager. 

“Julia and I were together in one group of friends. She was still a teenager then. If I remember right, she was about eighteen or nineteen and I was just twenty-one during that time. We were still young. Sadly, it was wrong timing,” Marco shares.

On the other hand, Julia revealed that she wasn’t ready to enter into any relationship back then.

“Marco told me then what he felt towards me. I told him that I respect his stance to wear his heart on his sleeves. The thing is, I just got out of a relationship that time and I was heart-broken. So I guess it’s correct to call that wrong timing,” the young Barretto starts.

Actor Marco Gumabao admitted that he got attracted to Julia Barretto before.

“I remember telling Marco then that I was proud of his bravery. I mean, he was able to tell me how he felt. I appreciated that. It’s just that as I’ve said, at that time, I wasn’t prepared yet to jump into another relationship,” she adds.

Meanwhile, Marco recounted how he developed his admiration for Julia back then.

“Of course, in our group, we were constantly together. Every week, we saw one another, like three times. That was the minimum. Given that, it’s really hard not to get attracted to your friend, right?”

They’re both glad that their friendship wasn’t affected by this. They are grateful that their friendship remained intact despite the admission from Marco. 

“I’m thankful that we stayed friends. Julia is a solid friend. Come hell or high waters,” Marco says.

“Marco and I didn’t pass an awkward stage because of that incident. Actually, it helped deepen our friendship. It’s way more important than whatever awkwardness,” ends Julia.

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In the recent media conference for the hit GMA soap Prima Donnas, which already started airing fresh episodes since last week, Aiko Melendez said that she’s hoping that her evil character Kendra in the show would be her last “contravida” role on the boob tube.

“I want to take a respite from breathing life to bad characters on-screen after Prima Donnas. That’s why I’m playing it to the hilt this time,” she admits explaining that she wanted to try something different.

“It’s draining if you’re always doing ‘contravida’ roles. Your audience will get tired of watching you doing the same old thing, right?. But if in the future there’s a worthy project in which I will do a bad character, I might do it. But for now, I requested my manager (Arnold Vegafria) that Prima Donnas will be my last television program in which I play a villainess,” she says.

Meanwhile, the actress revealed that she is still keen on producing the movie which she herself will top-bill along with contemporaries Ruffa Gutierrez and Carmina Villaroel.

“In God’s grace when everything gets back to normal. I want to push through with it. It’s our first venture into movie production so we want to ensure that everything’s ironed out,” Aiko ends. 


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