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Sushi bake with wasabi chips

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Snack brand Calbee partners with sushi bake makers to offer a limited edition variant of this famous lockdown food trend paired, not with nori wraps, but with chips. 

Suteki Aburi, steak nigiri by Taste and Tell MNL featuring Calbee Wasabi Chips.

Taste and Tell MNL presents Suteki Aburi, steak-flavored sushi bake paired with crunchy Calbee Wasabi Chips. 

This special sushi bake is made with a 21-day dry-aged tenderloin (prepared under precise temperature control for 2.5 hours), shiitake mushroom, fried garlic chips, teriyaki rice, and Taste and Tell’s secret aburi sauce. 

Think of it as a deconstructed steak nigiri, perfectly complemented with the extra crunch and spicy kick of Calbee Wasabi chips. 

Taste and Tell MNL x Calbee’s Suteki Aburi is available in small tray (P1,700) that comes with two small packs of Calbee Wasabi Potato Chips; medium tray (P2,200) with four small packs of Calbee Wasabi Potato Chips; and large tray (P2,700) with one large pack of Calbee Wasabi Potato chips. 

The sushi bake is made with 21-day dry-aged tenderloin.

Go to or @tasteandtellmnl on Instagram to order. It’s available every Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.


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