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Aranas wants corporations in sports

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Corporate sponsors need to get involved with helping the national sports association be more self-reliant and self-sustaining with their plans and programs.

Archery chief Clint Aranas said this as he continued to discuss his plans to become the next president of the Philippine Olympic Committee.

Aranas explained that the support that they can get from the sponsors will go directly to the NSAs.

“That’s part of our mission to make the NSAs self-reliant and self-sustaining,” said Aranas.

There are around 60 NSAs which need a lot of financial support and sponsorship for their activities.

To make it easiers for the sponsors to do, putting NSAs in cluster will make their plans easier to accomplish.

 “So, if a sponsor wants to help, they can help a group of NSAs,” said Aranas.

This means, funds and any form of assistance coming from the private sector will no longer pass through the POC, and this has something with their principles involving transparency.

 “That’s because you need to have that credibility so we can keep going to the sponsors to seek assistance,” said Aranas.

Their group has adopted independent candidates like Ada Milby (rugby), as secretary-general and Monico Puentevella (weightlifting) as auditor.

Pearl Managuelod (muay) is running for director under incumbent POC Abraham Tolentino’s ticket.

But Aranas’ group will still support Managuelod.

They will make up the rest of Aranas’ ticket, which initially had POC chairman Steve Hontiveros of handball and Former Philippine Sports Commission chairman Philip Ella Juico of athletics.

Hontiveros will once again seek the post of chairman, while Juico will run for the position of first vice president.

The unblemished record of Hontiveros as a long time hand in the POC, and Juico’s good showing as head of the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association has convinced Aranas to team up with the two.


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