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A hole in the head

"The proposed revolutionary government is a ridiculous idea."

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When President Duterte said that he was against a revolutionary government proposed by some characters supposedly allied to him, we thought it would be the last time that we would hear about this ridiculous idea.

Now Duterte wants the people to discuss RevGov. So which is which?

My gulay, instead of having its proponents charged for inciting sedition, the President wants the public to know what RevGov is all about. My gulay, it is nothing but a one-man rule, and it is worse than Martial Law!

Under the 1987 Constitution, civilian rule is still observed even during martial law. Despite the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, the civilian court still functions. Because the 1987 Constitution is one that is merely reactionary to the Marcos regime, martial law is toothless and useless!

A revolutionary government is nothing but a one-man rule. It’s a dictatorship where the President can abolish Congress, replace all elective local government officials, and pass laws by himself alone. My gulay, he can even abolish the Supreme Court! We need RevGov like a hole in the head.

The proposal comes at a time when we are fighting a faceless enemy like the coronavirus. Indeed, it can only divide the country when we need unity above all else. Those behind the movement should be charged with inciting to sedition. 

If Duterte is truly against RevGov as he claims to be, why doesn’t he put a stop to this nonsense, once and for all?


When the country’s top diplomat, Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddyboy Locsin, said he would recommend the termination of all government contracts with some 24 state-owned Chinese companies that the US said participated in the militarization of disputed territory in the South China Sea, I wondered: What happened to President Duterte’s independent foreign policy?

My gulay, are we again a vassal of the United States?

It became clear however that Duterte wants to maintain an independent foreign policy when he announced that all contracts with identified Chinese companies will be respected. One of these companies is state-owned China Communications Construction Co. Ltd., which is in a joint venture with Lucio Tan’s MacroAsia to construct the airport at Sangley Point in Cavite.

The reclamation of Davao City by Duterte’s big campaign donor, Dennis Uy, is also being done in tandem with another state-owned Chinese firm, also blacklisted by the US.

Now, Locsin is changing his tune in line with what Duterte is saying.

Santa Banana, despite China’s bullying, I believe Duterte is doing well insofar as foreign policy is concerned.


The appointment of Dante Gierran at the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth), replacing its resigned President/CEO Ricardo Morales, has become an issue for some reason or another.

Gierran spent 27 years at the National Bureau of Investigation. He rose from the ranks to become bureau chief. Because of his experience at the NBI, Duterte is relying on him to clean up the graft-ridden PhilHealth.

But somebody who is ignorant about public health would need at least six months to know the intricacies of the agency. In the meantime, the so-called mafia at the PhilHealth will be having a field day. When somebody unfamiliar with the workings of an agency gets appointed, syndicates and other bad elements will run circles around that new official.

The public cannot expect Gierran to perform miracles overnight. Still, he is a lawyer, and a CPA-lawyer at that. Gierran will easily learn and his credentials will help him do the job well.

I wish him well.


The frequency of buy-bust incidents involving illegal drugs all over the country has prompted President Duterte to warn Customs Commissioner Leonardo Guerrero to shape up. The entry of smuggled shabu through Customs doesn’t seem to end.

The fact is that indeed shabu is still being smuggled through Customs from China.

As I have said many times, so long as human discretion and intervention are part of the system at Customs, there will always be graft and corruption. Also, smugglers would not smuggle unless they are certain of having the cooperation of some people from inside Customs. 

Thank heavens the President is aware that smuggling of illegal drugs continues, hence the “shape up” message from the President. Does this mean that another revamp at Customs is forthcoming?


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