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Janella breaks silence on controversial ‘PA issue’

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Janella Salvador took to Twitter to respond to allegations thrown at her by her former personal assistant (PA) who claimed that she failed to pay the latter for the service rendered.

Janella breaks silence on controversial ‘PA issue’
Actress Janella Salvador took to Twitter to address the ‘PA issue’ that is now going viral online.

On Tuesday evening, Michelle Pelongco appeared on Raffy Tulfo in Action, a program that streams on YouTube, to air her grievance against the Killer Bride star. Via phone patch, she claimed that the actress still owed her P3,600 for 12 days of service.

The next day, Salvador addressed the complaint saying that this is “the only time you are gonna hear from me about this ‘PA issue.’”

“I really don’t believe I have to defend myself because trial by media is not the appropriate venue for this,” her social media post started.

“If you believe in your own lies and I really violated something, sue me. If you’re gonna twist the story in your desperate attempt to get money from me… sorry, hun 3.6k is small and I would gladly give it to someone who deserves it. Not worth my time,” she carried on.

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During the interview with Raffy Tulfo, Pelongco revealed that Salvador fired her on June 12. She added that her monthly salary was P8,000 pesos.

“Other PAs were receiving higher pay,” Pelongco said in Tagalog and claimed that she spoke to Salvador’s handler about her salary issue then was suddenly told  that she should leave, and “that I don’t deserve the food in the house.”

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