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Liza Soberano does an Erin Brockovich in ‘Make It With You’

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Make It With You, the series that sees the return of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil on primetime TV is billed as the most daring project of the reel and real couple especially for the 22-year-old actress who said that her character has several internal layers that make her “challenging yet very exciting to portray.”

But how daring is Liza Soberano’s character going to be exactly?

“She’s an interesting character. Our director told me to watch the movie Erin Brokovich because she wanted my character to be as free-spirited as her. So from the way she looks to the way she acts, that’s how bold Billy is,” Liza told Manila Standard during the primetime series’ first media conference. 

Liza Soberano had to watch the story of Erin Brockovich to  prepare for her free-spirited role in ABS-CBN's latest primetime offering "Make It With You.'

“It’s also a different visual experience when you see me having this curly hair walking around Croatia with the beautiful light and the setting,” she added.

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Portraying the character isn’t easy for Liza. She admitted that she’s had a few struggles since Billy (the name of her character), is her complete opposite in real life.

“I’ll admit that it was actually a struggle cause I haven’t been taping in a while since Alone Together. I was also gone for a while because of the surgery I had. It’s like everything became new to me again. It was really hard for me to get back into a rhythm but our director was guiding us all the way,” the once called “world’s most beautiful face” explained. 

Liza with her real-life partner Enrique Gil who also plays as her leading man in the new series.

Talking more about her character, Liza describes Billy as a girl who takes on odd jobs just to make ends meet for her family. Being incredibly resourceful, she hustles as a matchmaker in Croatia on the side just so she can regularly go on dates and get free meals and gifts she can sell for more income.

“She’s the kind of person who can live anywhere. She’s streetsmart,” she exclaimed. 

Meanwhile, Enrique plays Gabo, a lost soul who finds himself wandering in Croatia hoping to finally determine his path in life. Determined not to return to the Philippines, he does not let hardships deter his spirit and faces all struggles head-on living in a foreign country.

The two live different, separate lives—until one day, Croatian socialite Antonia approaches Billy to match her with Gabo in exchange for money. To make sure Gabo is worthy of meeting Antonia’s father, Billy will teach the young man the culture and traditions of Croatia. But, as they spend moments together, they will find themselves falling for each other.

The lead cast of 'Make It With You' with director Richard Arellano and writer Mark Angos.

“The main conflict in the story revolves around the time that falling in love is not an option. So, Billy and Gabo, will have to chose between fighting their feelings for each other and following what their hearts are telling them,” Liza stated.

Joining LizQuen in the primetime series that starts airing tonight are Ian Veneracion, Katya Santos, Fumiya Sankai, Eddie Gutierrez, Pokwang, Vangie Labalan, and Herbert Bautista, with up-and-coming stars Jeremiah Lisbo, Anthony Jennings, and Daniela Stranner. It is under the direction of Cathy Garcia-Molina and Richard Arellano and was written by Mark Angos.

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