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#ANONGBALITA: Sakay na!: Ivana Alawi supports jeepney drivers

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Actress and celebrity influencer Ivana Alawi expressed her support for drivers amid the push to replace traditional jeepneys with modern ones.

A lucky “biyaheng Quiapo” jeepney driver instantly received P50,000 pesos from the “Batang Quiapo” star who borrowed his vehicle for her recent vlog.

“In fairness to our jeepney drivers, they are very hardworking, and I truly salute them. Because they travel every day for their families, and even though it’s hard, they still do it,” Alawi said.

In an earlier viral video shared by Panday Sining PUP on its Facebook page, a student asked Alawi for her thoughts on the jeepney modernization program.

“I am in support of the drivers, that’s why we are here [riding the jeepney],” she said.

The jeepney driver told Alawi he would need to make six to seven trips back and forth to be able to earn P1,000 a day, which would then cover his boundary and gasoline.

“I salute all drivers, especially the fathers who work, all the drivers out there, thank you very much. You are all very hardworking even though the job is tough,” she said.

While en route to Quiapo, Alawi gave P1,000 each to all passengers who rode the jeepney that she boarded.


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