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Enhanced hydration formula in eco-friendly packaging

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In a nod to its iconic status since the ‘70s, The Body Shop’s renowned Vitamin E range is undergoing a major upgrade, now featuring a potent infusion of natural-origin hyaluronic acid. This revolutionary addition boasts the ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water, promising a surge of hydration suitable for all skin types.

Not only does this revamped line prioritize your skin’s well-being, but it also champions environmental sustainability. Embracing more eco-friendly packaging, the products are now housed in materials like aluminum, recycled glass, and recycled plastic.

Making waves as the latest gem in the collection is the Vitamin E Bi-Phase Moisture Serum.

Laura Keane, The Body Shop’s Global Director of Product Development, expresses enthusiasm for this groundbreaking innovation, stating, “This unique Bi-Phase Serum is an exciting innovation that uses powerful natural-origin ingredients to help deliver happy, hydrated, and healthy-looking skin day and night.”

Harnessing the potency of natural-origin hyaluronic acid, this serum operates in two phases, delivering intense hydration for up to 30 hours. The oil phase, enriched with Vitamin E and raspberry seed oil, ensures skin remains plump and moisturized throughout the day.

Vitamin E Bi-Phase Moisture Serum is now available at The Body Shop stores and online at


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