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Elevating Work Environments: Greenfield Tower’s Central Location and Open Spaces Redefine the Future of Work

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The future of work in the Philippines is transforming, driven by the growing demand for state-of-the-art office buildings that meet the evolving needs of tech-ready industries.

As the country embraces a more digitally connected and tech-centric landscape, there is a pressing need for office spaces beyond traditional setups. These next-generation work environments must seamlessly integrate advanced technologies, high-speed connectivity, and collaborative spaces to foster innovation and efficiency.

The Philippines is increasingly becoming a hub for tech-related industries, and the demand for cutting-edge office spaces equipped with the latest technological infrastructure is rising.

Greenfield Tower is a prominent high-rise office building developed by Greenfield Development Corporation in Mandaluyong, featuring a distinctive facade with alternating horizontal stripes of blue glass and gray concrete. Easily accessible on MayflowStreet, the location allows convenient transportation options, including jeepneys, private cars, MRT Shaw Station, bus routes along EDSA, and numerous taxis circulating nearby.

Situated in the forward-looking urban community of Greenfield District, Greenfield Tower provides a distinctive setting where expansive open areas harmonize with cutting-edge connectivity. Its strategic location ensures convenience, accessibility, and safety for tenants and employees, benefiting from proximity to major transportation routes for private and public commuting.

A vibrant tenant mix fostering innovation and collaboration

Greenfield Tower is specifically crafted to meet the requirements of corporate headquarters and business process outsourcing companies. It offers meticulously designed office spaces equipped with a reliable IT infrastructure.

Beyond its structural robustness and optimal location, the key features of the office spaces enhance the overall appeal of the investment. Each floor has a standard plate size of 2,000 square meters more or less, a generous floor-to-floor height of approximately 4.5 meters, and a variable refrigerant flow air-conditioning system.

The tower is designed to support round-the-clock operations, thanks to its 100 percent backup power (+1 redundant) supplied by five 2,000-kw capacity generator sets capable of 72 hours of continuous operations before fueling. Additionally, the building provides extensive parking facilities with five levels of basement parking, accommodating over 500 vehicles.

Nestled next to the vibrant Central Park, the focal point for the community’s weekend festivities and special events, The Portal hosts renowned brands such as Starbucks, Pancake House, Yellow Cab, and Wendy’s.

Greenfield Tower is a beacon of innovation and adaptability, redefining the future of work for a diverse range of tenants. Boasting a vibrant mix of occupants, the tower has become a melting pot of industries, BPO, hosting IT companies, remittance services, engineering firms, government and non-governmental organizations, insurance companies, and key players in the food industry.

This eclectic blend of tenants not only highlights the versatility of Greenfield Tower but also contributes to a thriving and collaborative business community.

Innovation meets safety and sustainability

This commercial building embodies technological innovation and eco-conscious design principles. In response to the demand for sustainable office spaces, Greenfield Tower incorporates aesthetic landscaping and functional design into its property.

Office units are flooded with natural light, and the extensive open spaces surrounding the building serve as a rejuvenating environment for employees during breaks.

On the ground floor of Greenfield Tower, a unique tapestry of amenities awaits tenants, setting it apart as a hub for both work and leisure. The Portal, an innovative replacement for the traditional Pavilion, becomes the focal point for culinary delights.

Tenants can also indulge in vibrant food trucks at Mayflower Parking, opens daily from 4pm till 10pm from Mondays to Thursdays, and 4pm till 12am from Fridays to Sundays, and Greenfield Weekend Market at the Central Park which opens every Saturday and Sunday from 4pm till 12am, providing a distinctive and enjoyable experience for those seeking a break from their work routine.

The ground floor is further adorned with designated restaurants and coffee shops tailored to support the diverse tastes and preferences of the office tenants, fostering a sense of community and well-being.

Within proximity of Greenfield Tower is The Hub. Located along Mayflower Street in Greenfield District, The Hub boasts a trendy dining strip, offering a diverse array of restaurants with the option for al fresco dining. Among them is the popular NY-inspired gastro-pub, Blackwood Bistro, known as a favored gathering spot for expats.

The strip also introduces exciting new concepts like Vintage, a deli shop, wine cellar, and jazz bar, as well as Red Rhino, a unique restaurant and art bar that will showcase thematic exhibits.

In prioritizing the safety and security of its occupants, Greenfield Tower goes beyond conventional standards. Enhanced security features include machine scanners at the entrance, ensuring a meticulous screening process for everyone entering the premises.

Widespread CCTV coverage, K-9 security patrols, and access cards for the turnstile contribute to a secure environment that positions Greenfield Tower as a safe location in an ever-evolving urban landscape. The commitment to safety is not just a formality but a fundamental aspect of the tower’s promise to provide a secure and comfortable workspace.

Positioned as the prime location for office spaces, Greenfield Tower showcases distinct advantages that cater to the evolving needs of businesses in the post-pandemic era. Nestled within the future-ready urban community of Greenfield District, the tower offers an advantageous location with wide-open spaces and state-of-the-art fiber-optic internet connectivity.

The building’s eco-friendly design, incorporating natural light and functional aesthetics, adds a touch of sustainability to the modern workspace. It is also within strategic proximity to major thoroughfares and public transportation hubs, making it easily accessible to workers.

All in all, Greenfield Tower is a testament to the future of work in Metro Manila — a smart, integrated, and future-ready urban environment where businesses thrive and employees flourish.


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