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TVJ, Dabarkads start singing ‘E.A.T. Bulaga’

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In yesterday’s episode of E.A.T, the noontime show hosted by Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon (TVJ), the Dabarkads started singing “E.A.T. Bulaga,” something they hadn’t done since the program aired on TV5 in July.

The atmosphere inside Studio 4, where the noontime show airs live daily, was different, with a palpable sense of renewed joy and energy from the hosts and the people in the audience area.

Earlier that day, TVJ called for a press conference to announce their official statement following the decision of the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) in the case against TAPE Incorporated (TAPE). The decision, dated Monday, December 4, mandates the cancellation of TAPE’s trademark registrations for “Eat Bulaga” and “EB” in specific contexts, including merchandising.

Accompanied by Attorney Buko dela Cruz (the lawyer of TVJ in their petition to cancel the trademarks “Eat Bulaga” and “EB” owned by TAPE) the trio said that they don’t feel vindicated at all, what they felt after hearing IPO decision was a sense of relief that they were finally recognized. 

“There is one word more important now than ‘vindicated,’ and that is ‘respect.’ That’s what weighs heavily on me right now,” Joey said.

‘E.A.T’ hosts open the noontime show with its classic theme song

“Perhaps, another term that could be used, more palatable for Pareng Joey, instead of ‘vindicated,’ officially recognized, we are now officially recognized,” Tito responded.

“In simple terms, we are being removed from the program we have loved for four decades, the TV show we worked hard for, created, with blood, sweat, and then suddenly you’re told, ‘Hey, you’re out.’ It hurts. So, these developments, in a way, inspire us to continue,” Vic added.

IPO’s decision to cancel TAPE’s trademarks for “Eat Bulaga” and “EB” signed by Attorney Josephine Alon, the Adjudication Officer of the Bureau of Legal Affairs at IPO. According to Attorney Dela Cruz, the IPO supported the petition of Tito, Vic, and Joey in asserting that the creators of the trademark “Eat Bulaga” were indeed Tito, Vic, and Joey themselves. 

“In essence, TVJ is synonymous with ‘Eat Bulaga.’ Consequently, the IPO’s decision entails the cancellation of TAPE’s registration of ‘Eat Bulaga’ under its name,” the lawyer said.

As for the immediate implications, the lawyer mentioned that it is now allowed to use “Eat Bulaga” and “EB.”

“They can use it anytime, even before the decision came out because their registration was not for entertainment but for merchandise. But TVJ chose to give way. Now that the government has spoken, stating that the true owners, the rightful titleholders of ‘Eat Bulaga’ and ‘EB’ are TVJ, then they should also respect that. If the question is when it can be used, anytime, they can use it,” the lawyer explained.

Tito asserted that they were on the correct side of the issue. Therefore, the prospect of an appeal doesn’t concern them. 

“Everyone has the right to appeal, and that’s perfectly fine with us,” he said.

“If they show respect and stop using something that doesn’t belong to them, it will be more joyful, and we can be sure it’s not just Merry Christmas but a Happy New Year as well,” Vic concluded.


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