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Celebs find ‘guaranteed partner for life’

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Life has no guarantees and can be quite unpredictable. But while certainty may seem ideal, the highs and lows of life do make it exciting and fulfilling. 

Celebrities Donny Pangilinan, Matteo Guidicelli, Sarah Geronimo,  and  Piolo Pascual  know this all too well, being a part of an industry known for its volatility. 

For Donny, who, among the four, is the latest to join showbiz, uncertainty comes in the form of roles he has never done before. 

Meanwhile, being a young married couple in a new chapter of their lives, for Matteo and Sarah, it’s all about planning their life together. 

As for Piolo, venturing into new investments can be a risky move. However, they all have one thing in common that gives them the confidence to welcome adventures and live life to the fullest. 

They have a guaranteed partner in Sun Life, the No. 1 life insurance company in the Philippines. As Sun Life clients, Donny, Matteo, Sarah, and Piolo can pursue their dreams no matter how uncertain life may feel. 

This is the essence of Sun Life’s latest campaign dubbed “Guaranteed Partner for Life.” 

“Sun Life has always been a dependable partner when it comes to supporting our clients, including our very own brand ambassadors, with their evolving needs and priorities over the years,” Sun Life Chief Client Experience and Marketing Officer  Carla Gonzalez-Chong  said.

“This can be seen throughout our 128-year history, where we have demonstrated our commitment and stood beside Filipinos amid world wars, economic crises, and more recently, a pandemic. They can count on us to be their guaranteed lifetime partner in their journey to a financially secure and brighter future.” 

The campaign videos are available on Sun Life’s socials, @SunLifePH on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. 


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