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Michelle Dee soars high in airplane-inspired outfit at Miss Universe National Costume competition

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Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Marquez Dee took us on a journey of promoting the local tourism industry and honoring the roles of Air Force Reservist with her airplane-inspired ensemble on Friday, November 17, during the national costume show of Miss Universe in El Salvador.

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the Philippines! Crowned with a captain’s hat, this costume is a salute to the delegate’s role as an Air Force reservist,” said the host introducing Michelle’s costume while she strutted across the Miss Universe stage.

“This look is representative of her country—resilient and radiant. There’s no denying she’s the queen of flying in the Philippines!” she continued.

Wearing an intricate piece by Filipino fashion designer Michael Barassi, the 28-year-old beauty queen aimed to promote Philippine tourism to the world.

The ensemble featured a “solihiya” design, while her wings showcased the colors of the Philippine flag, a mural of popular tourist spots, and the current tourism slogan, “Love The Philippines.”

Ahead of her appearance at the national costume show, Michelle took to Instagram to share the story behind her costume.

“With each thread woven into the ‘solihiya’ pattern, an iconic design used in the tropics of the Philippines, it embraces her body flawlessly—unfolding the story of the islands’ unity and artistry,” she wrote.

“Rising from her back, wings bear the colors of the Philippine flag and a mural of its most breathtaking sights while parading the country’s official tourism slogan: #LoveThePhilippines. Crowned with a captain’s hat, this is a salute to her role as an Air Force reservist and to our boundless adventures awaiting in the skies!” she added.

Michelle instantly claimed praise from the netizens for giving another slaying performance during the national costume show after having a strong start yesterday at the preliminary competition as she earned a spot among 10 Voice for Change Silver finalists.

Michelle is among the 84 beauty queens at Miss Universe. She is vying for the country’s fifth Miss Universe crown on Sunday, November 19, 2023 (PST).


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