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How Side A does A-sides

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Part of Side A’s enduring legacy is the band’s capacity to deliver a record that sounds very much like, you guessed it, Side A. That’s sure ball regardless of who wrote, plays in, and sings it. 

The group’s latest single “Caught In A Daze” is another great example of how they patiently go through the proven process that has made them one of the most respected bands in the Philippine music scene. 

The new song released by Icons Music made it to Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist last week Friday (October 20).   

“For the past couple of singles that we’ve released under Icons Music, we would only record the drums and vocals live in a studio. The rest of the tracks would be done at home,” shared Ned Esguerra, Side A’s bass player who wrote the composition.

He noted, “This process is not only less expensive, it is also less time-consuming.”

The song that Ned wrote for his wife Rhia promises to be a good addition to a catalog that has stood changing trends in music.

The band’s lead guitarist Leevon Cailao produced and arranged “Caught In A Daze.” Ned acknowledged him for coming up with a “more upbeat and feel-good kind of vibe” that he thinks suited the song’s core message.     

Ned and Leevon value each other as writing partners and they felt happy that the song’s drum tracks were recorded inside the home studio of Boyet Aquino who mixed and mastered the song, and who by their estimation is an excellent drummer that Side A’s resident stickman Ernie Severino would be happy to work with anytime.  That part of the process, in Ned’s words, “made for an incredibly steady foundation for the song’s musical arrangement.”       

Ned further pointed out, “Another detail worth noting is the vocal arrangement, masterfully done yet again and as always by our band leader and musical director Naldy Gonzales. Background vocals are usually just an afterthought. But with Naldy, it’s a premium ingredient essential to what gives a song that certain ‘Side A’ sound.”   

The veteran band’s current record label is a division of Widescope Entertainment established by a power trio of music industry experts, namely, executive producer Vic de Vera, supervising producer Neil Gregorio, and A&R coordinator Ebe Dancel. 

For that, Ned said, “Working with our Widescope family and Icons Music is quite simply a breeze. From boss Vic and Neil and our A&R manager, Ebe Dancel, all the way to the marketing team, the trust and support that we receive from them is incredible. Just a really good bunch of people to work with.”

Side A’s longevity is a testament to how the band has confidently navigated the music scene that keeps on changing and being challenged by generation gaps, differing artistic preferences, and new-era mentality. They are never rattled, not even with some of them traditionally labeled as key members going solo or retiring. Side A has always been about the group and what made it a household name. 

Side A releases under Icons Music include “Ibigin Ang Mundo” and “Clueless,” both dropped last year. 

“Caught In a Daze” was recorded at Studio Z with the help of Benjo Casaljay. As you may have noticed, this particular song is technically covered from Side A to Studio Z. 


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