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A journey through love and heartache

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Prepare to embark on an emotional rollercoaster in Five Breakups and A Romance, a cinematic masterpiece brought to life by the acclaimed film director  Irene Villamor. If you’re already familiar with her impressive body of work, you might think you know how the story ends, but be prepared to be surprised.

The film unfolds the passionate tale of Lance and Justine, portrayed by  Alden Richards  and  Julia Montes, respectively. Lance, a dedicated medical student, crosses paths with Justine, a fashion brand manager, at a friend’s party in Singapore.

From left: Film director Irene Villamor, Julia Montes, and Alden Richards at the premiere night of ‘Five Breakups and A Romance’

This heartfelt narrative is divided into five chapters, each capturing a pivotal moment in Lance and Justine’s tumultuous relationship. (Spoiler alert) From their initial one-night stand in Singapore to their heartbreaking farewell at a hospital, their journey is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride.

Each chapter artfully explores a different facet of love, tackling themes like compatibility, compromise, and forgiveness.

Lance and Justine’s love story began in 2016 when fate intervened and their mutual friends introduced them. For Justine, it was a typical meet-cute, but for Lance, seeing her was akin to destiny – a case of love at first sight, or as he eloquently puts it, a “quantum entanglement.”

In the film, Alden’s character beautifully explains quantum entanglement as a scientific phenomenon where two particles remain interconnected regardless of the distance between them, symbolizing the profound connection between Lance and Justine.

Throughout the movie, their relationship is tested in various ways, and they bravely confront every challenge that comes their way. But did they fight for their love, or did they fight each other?

Five Breakups and A Romance  delves into the common causes of relationship breakups, including career pressures, time constraints, communication issues, and the specter of infidelity. We won’t reveal the details, as discovering them is part of the cinematic experience.

What truly elevates  Five Breakups and A Romance  is the exceptional performances of Julia and Alden. Their on-screen chemistry is undeniable, from the delivery of intense lines to the passionate exchanges in a particular scene. They bring a magnetic charm to the film, making it an unforgettable experience.

Julia and Alden masterfully capture the intricate dynamics of their characters’ relationship, delivering a genuinely compelling performance. In the end, Five Breakups and A Romance provides a realistic and relatable portrayal of the complexities of love and heartbreak that resonates with Filipino audiences.

Five Breakups and A Romance  is now showing in over 200 cinemas nationwide. 


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