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Surviving only to be reborn

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Mr. Kingson Sian has an exciting career and life in general. As we conducted the class at a lovely place, I wondered why it was free of charge. And upon knowing who Mr. Sian was, I immediately understood why. I must admit that Mr. Sian has a different presence even though he has yet to start speaking.

His charisma is different, yet I cannot expect less. Obviously, I wondered who he was. I was surprised by how much scope he had as he headed both Travelers International Hotel Group and Alliance Global Group. It also helped that his topic was fun and what others would consider controversial, which dealt with casinos and how most of the revenues are generated from gambling.

I noticed earlier that Mr. Sian showed concern towards my classmates, ensuring they were comfortable and fine. It emphasized how a significant amount of hospitality is directly linked to his work—and conclusively, which is why a lot regards him as a great people manager.

He was very well-prepared for this talk as he told challenging events in chronological order, which impressed me even more since he was able to address these difficult situations. I would say that presence alone is already challenging enough whenever adversities are encountered. However, Mr. Sian seems to be the type of person who is relentless and embraces these challenges as if they were merely a test to be overcome.

I am surprised to know that Resorts World was the only casino that did not lay off employees. It shows how the organization is committed to taking care of its employees. He also mentioned initiatives aiming to produce profit during the pandemic, even if 90 percent of it comes from the casino part of the business.

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Using the hotel premises to house the workers/employees during the pandemic was a great approach to how work can be done. I would say that this would be the standard decision among other competitors. But it is impressive that they were able to come up with online competitions to provide a different source of entertainment while housing these employees or workers. The cash they provide as a price is very generous as well.

The biggest surprise I have discovered is that my father also knew Mr. Sian. He has had several meetings with Mr. Sian as my father conducts business with Richmonde Hotel, which I believe Mr. Sian has been associated with.

My father has agreed with me regarding Mr. Sian being a good leader with bright ideas. He expresses statements with a perfect balance of energy and humor, increasing his effectiveness. I am also amazed to hear from my father that while Mr. Sian has always been good, he has come a long way from how he was.

He claims that Mr. Sian has shown a great leap of improvement, which continuously inspires me that there is a never-ending window of opportunity for growth. I can confirm this by watching Mr. Sian’s previous or old interviews, where he was as prepared as he was when he gave us the talk. I am impressed and will remember most of the lessons he mentioned during the event. Also, I am now a fan of Sheraton Manila’s ColLab, the co-working and events place where he hosted our class and conducted his presentation.

The author is an MBA student at the Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business, DLSU. He can be reached at

The views expressed above are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official position of DLSU, its faculty, and its administrators.

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