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Why Marian Rivera can’t have another baby soon

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After a four-year hiatus from acting projects, Marian Rivera is back in the spotlight once again. She has already started taping for her latest primetime offering, Against All Odds, alongside Gabby Concepcion and Max Collins. Additionally, shooting for the movie  Rewind, an official entry to the 2023 Metro Manila Film Festival under Star Cinema, has commenced, where she’s paired with her husband, Dingdong Dantes.

“The fact that I have a film festival entry this year excites me. I heard it’s star-studded with the likes of  Sharon Cuneta, Alden Richards, Matteo Guidicelli, Cristine Reyes, Derek Ramsey,  and  Beauty Gonzalez  participating. I also heard that Ms.  Nora Aunor  and Ms.  Vilma Santos  have aspiring entries, as well as Maricel Soriano,” Marian said in the vernacular during a recent media interview.

“It was truly a pleasant surprise for us to have made it to the official list. I genuinely hope the public will support this year’s edition of the MMFF. It brings joy to my heart to realize that gradually, people’s interest in local cinema is making a comeback. I hope it continues,” she added.

Kapuso actress Marian Rivera

Marian is one of the few stars who have maintained their popularity even after getting married and having kids. When asked about this, she humbly responds, “All I can say is I owe it all to the One up there. Even if I excel in what I’m doing, without Him, I wouldn’t have reached my current stature. So, all of this is because of Him. I’m just thankful.”

Considering her workload this season, it’s not possible for her to have another baby. “I have a lot of projects lined up. I have a movie, a soap opera, and TikTok. Dingdong knows that. Besides, my husband is also deeply involved in projects. In fact, Sunday is his only rest day.”

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It’s amazing how she manages to stay beautiful and vibrant despite the demands of being a homemaker. “Well, number one, you need to have time for yourself. That’s when you realize how to manage and adjust things. Second, even if you have children already, you and your husband should keep the flame of love burning. Like in Dong’s case, he’s very supportive of me in every endeavor I enter. He’s always there to give me moral support, and boost my confidence. It’s a significant factor in why I stay radiant. Then, of course, there’s my strong faith in God.”

Interestingly, how does she spend her “me” time? “I always find something to do that I enjoy. When I’m in my office, I arrange flowers, meditate, and yes, I play games. I might become a gamer eventually. What’s important is that you can find enjoyment even in simple ways,” ended Marian.

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After  My Special TatayKen Chan  is thrilled to be working once again with  Jillian Ward  in the top-rating afternoon drama  Abot-Kamay na Pangarap.

“I enjoy her company a lot,” he states. “I’ve worked with her before, and I can attest to how talented she is as an actress and as a person. As you can see in our social media posts, we genuinely enjoy our work on the set. I hope that we’ll still have the opportunity to collaborate on other projects after the soap.”

When asked about Jillian being tagged as “The Star of the New Generation,” Ken agrees, saying, “I agree! She truly is. Whenever I see her, I call her ‘The Star of Her Generation,’ but she prefers not to be labeled as such. She is shy and more comfortable without the moniker. That’s how humble she is, and it’s no wonder she is very successful in her career.”

The 30-year-old actor is hopeful that he and Jillian will have the chance to work on a project where the story is focused on them.

“Yes, I’m looking forward to that. Our working relationship is great! She is easy to deal with and is such a sweet girl. I appreciate her attitude towards life and her career,” says Ken.

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