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From students to professionals Immigration lawyer Marlene Gonzalez answers questions on US immigration

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US immigration lawyer Marlene Gonzalez has risen to prominence as a well-known figure in the Philippines, emerging as the go-to expert for Filipinos aspiring to travel or work in the United States of America.

With her expertise, Attorney Gonzalez addresses the concerns and inquiries of Filipinos seeking to navigate the intricacies of traveling to the US.

“Some of the most frequently asked questions are how do I go to the US? How do I visit the US? How can I work in the US or come to the US as a student?” Attorney Gonzalez starts.

The lawyer explains that the most frequently asked questions revolve around how to visit, work, or study in the US. She begins by shedding light on the process of obtaining a tourist visa.

Immigration lawyer Marlene Gonzalez helps Filipinos with their concerns and inquiries about traveling to the US

“In order to get a tourist visa, you have to show that you are only coming to visit for a temporary period. You are allowed up to six months at any given time to visit the US and sometimes, what will be issued will be a ten-year visa. It will be issued and attached to your passport. It’s good for 10 years but each visit is only good for six months,” Gonzalez says.

Crucially, applicants must showcase their intention to engage in activities like touring Disneyland or visiting family while maintaining strong ties to the Philippines, such as holding a job or being a student. Attorney Gonzalez underscores the importance of demonstrating these connections to successfully obtain a tourist visa.

Regarding pursuing studies in the US, she advises potential students to establish contact with and enroll in their desired US educational institution. Demonstrating admission and payment of the required service fee is essential. She outlines the significance of proving financial capability to cover tuition and living expenses. Additionally, she notes that sponsorship from a US-based family member or utilizing parental assets to finance education can facilitate the process.

For those aspiring to immigrate to the US without family sponsorship, Attorney Marlene offers insights into alternative pathways. She highlights the demand for skilled workers in various industries, including nursing, which requires a bachelor’s degree for green card eligibility.

“There are a lot of companies here that need workers. It could be skilled workers. Nurses for example can be petitioned for a green card and a bachelor’s degree is required. If you don’t have a degree, you can also come as a cook, or a cashier, this is something that we have already worked with. It just takes a longer time to process but actually better than a family petition since the waiting time for these cases takes years,” Attorney Gonzalez explains.

She explains that even individuals without degrees can find opportunities in professions such as cooking or cashiering, albeit with longer processing times. These avenues can present more viable options than traditional family-based sponsorships, which often involve extended waiting periods.

For further guidance and information, individuals are encouraged to meet Attorney Marlene at booth 92 during the Travel Sale Expo and Global Tourism Conference and Trade Fair at the SM Megamall’s Megatrade Hall. The event, scheduled from September 19 to October 1, provides a valuable platform to connect with Attorney Gonzalez and her team.

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