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Filipino Business Shines with Pride at the BURJ CEO Awards

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Dubai, UAE – The distinguished 6th edition of the Burj CEO Awards recently celebrated exceptional entrepreneurs, humanitarians, and business leaders aboard an exclusive luxury Mediterranean cruise from Greece to Turkey, spanning August 22-27, 2023.

Held under the esteemed patronage of His Highness Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Juma Al Maktoum, a member of Dubai’s royal family, and sponsored by the global online trading platform GTC, the event lauded outstanding individuals and organizations across more than 50 diverse categories.

(From left) Dr. Tariq Ahmed Nizami, Founder & CEO of CEO Clubs Network Worldwide; Walther E. Buenavista, CEO of The Shawarma Shack; cruise ship members; and Sarah Dong, Managing Director of CEO Clubs Network Worldwide.

Among the awardees, Walther Uzi E. Buenavista of The Shawarma Shack Corporation emerged victorious as this year’s recipient of the Best Franchise of the Year award. Buenavista, a Filipino entrepreneur and founder of Shawarma Shack, pioneered the revolutionary “Buy 1, Take 1” shawarma concept in the Philippines in 2015. Despite not completing his bachelor’s degree, his basketball career journey led him to discover his innate business acumen through relentless determination and dedicated effort.

The pride of Shawarma Shack lies in presenting an enticing array of Mediterranean cuisine enhanced with distinctive Filipino flavors, all at affordable prices for cherished patrons. Beyond culinary delight, the company holds a profound mission — to foster employment, provide training and educational avenues, and ignite entrepreneurship within the Filipino community. This commitment is encapsulated in their unique business model, aiming to positively impact enterprising lives nationwide.

Shawarma Shack’s growth has been astounding, with a rapid expansion to over 750 stores throughout the Philippines. Recognized for delivering premium yet budget-friendly cuisine, it stands as a testament to Walther Buenavista’s role as a luminary millennial entrepreneur, inspiring his peers on the path to business success. His journey reinforces the possibility of achievement without a formal degree, inspiring those dedicated to creating meaningful change.

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In Buenavista’s words, “By combining hard work and perseverance, a Filipino brand can excel globally.”

Renowned for orchestrating remarkable ceremonies to honor influential global figures, the Burj CEO Awards has gained the moniker of the ‘Oscars’ in the business realm. This initiative was pioneered by CEO Clubs Network Worldwide, a distinguished membership-based international organization uniting professionals from diverse sectors and geographies.

Commencing in 2016 in Washington, D.C., USA, the gala has traversed the globe, including London, UK, Shenzhen, China, and Mauritius, and was a highlight of Expo 2020 Dubai. Over time, the events have recognized and celebrated over 300 exceptional business leaders and organizations for their remarkable achievements.

Dr. Tariq A. Nizami, Founder and CEO of CEO Clubs Network Worldwide, emphasized: “Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution, and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities. We celebrate the extraordinary achievements of international leaders who have embraced excellence and made a lasting impact on the world through their dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to success in business and other sectors.”

Ms. Sarah Dong, Managing Partner, echoed the sentiment, adding: “Leadership is about empowering others to rise together, creating jobs and turning dreams into reality. We are immensely proud that CEO Clubs plays a pivotal role in fostering business partnerships and facilitating billion-dollar deals.”

Gathering over 100 award nominees, VIP guests, government officials, CEOs, and entrepreneurs from the global business community, this year’s Burj CEO Awards provided an unparalleled experience, incorporating breathtaking destinations such as Athens, Mykonos, Bodrum, and Marmaris.

Attendees were treated not only to celebratory recognition but also to engaging panel discussions, industry-specific sessions, enriching networking opportunities, and captivating star-studded concerts as part of the pioneering awards event.

Concluding on a note of gratitude, Dr. Nizami extended appreciation to Go Turkey for their significant support, poised to create a profound, positive impact on Turkey’s present and future economy.

CEO Clubs Network Worldwide is a dynamic platform uniting CEOs, C-level executives, business owners, and government officials to foster meaningful relationships, business collaborations, and investment prospects. With a strong regional office in Dubai, UAE, and a headquarters in the USA, CEO Clubs Network Worldwide boasts decades of experience in member engagement and stands as a trusted catalyst for global business growth.

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