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Unveiling the Ultimate Fusion of Fitness and Germ Protection: Bioderm X Casino Wellness Weekend

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In a spectacular fusion of health and hygiene, Bioderm and Casino proudly presented the much-awaited Wellness Weekend that left health enthusiasts exhilarated, cool, and germ-free. This captivating event took place on August 12, 2023, at the vibrant Whitespace Manila on Don Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City.


Embrace Refreshing Vibes at Bioderm X Casino’s Wellness Weekend! Yoga guru Pia Puno (Bottom Middle of Photo) led a revitalizing session, uniting cool & active influencers for an invigorating workout that left everyone recharged. 

A Sweating Success: The Event Highlights

The event began with an enthusiastic registration and warm welcome for the esteemed guests who gathered from various corners of the National Capital Region. An invigorating opening remark by a prominent Gym Instructor and Health Enthusiast set the tone for the eventful day ahead.


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Relaxation & Revitalization in Full Swing! Influencers indulged in rejuvenating yoga poses, staying energized and refreshed throughout


Serenity for Body & Mind. Influencers embrace tranquility post-yoga after the rejuvenating yoga poses and stretch at the Bioderm X Casino Wellness Weekend.

The attendees were then treated to an unforgettable workout session, followed by a soul-soothing yoga class that stretched not only their muscles but also their sense of tranquility. The combination of these fitness activities left everyone energized and ready for more.

Post-workout, a spread of nutritious and refreshing food and drinks awaited the participants, ensuring they replenished their energy in the healthiest way possible. The event culminated with a memorable class photo, capturing the radiant smiles of individuals who had enjoyed a day well-spent in pursuit of both fitness and wellness.

Bioderm Coolness and Casino Active: Your Perfect Workout Companions

Central to the Wellness Weekend was the dynamic duo of Bioderm Coolness and Casino Active. These innovative products seamlessly incorporated hygiene into the participants’ workout routines, ensuring that their efforts were matched by optimal germ protection.


Perfect workout companions: Bioderm Coolness and Casino Active.

Bioderm Coolness, with its remarkable 99.9% germ-killing action, guarantees up to 24-hour protection against germs. Infused with invigorating menthol crystals, it leaves a cooling sensation on the skin, enhancing the bathing experience beyond the ordinary.

Casino Active stands as a testament to innovative hygiene solutions. It contains active ingredients that obliterate 99.9% of germs, while also combating body odor for up to 8 hours. The cool and fresh scent offered by Casino Active make it the ideal companion for the active individual seeking all-day freshness.

Join the Movement: Feeling Cool and Protected


Jazper Tiongsion embracing Coolness after an energetic workout with Bioderm Coolness at the Bioderm X Casino Wellness Weekend 


The attendees resonated with the event’s message, spreading the word about their newfound affinity for Bioderm Coolness and Casino Active. As one influencer passionately exclaimed, “My workout is never complete without Bioderm Coolness and Casino Active. No more worries about germs and that sticky feeling!”


Empowered and Refreshed: Active Momma Cyrene Morales Thrives in Intense Yoga Session with Casino Active’s Ultimate Protection.


Stay Connected and Stay Protected

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In an era where health and hygiene go hand in hand, the Bioderm X Casino Wellness Weekend stood as a beacon of innovation, guiding health enthusiasts towards a holistic approach to their well-being. With a resounding call to action, this event has cemented its place in the hearts of attendees, motivating them to embrace both fitness and hygiene as integral parts of their journey toward a healthier life.

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