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Putting a celebrity face on farming

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It has been a decade since the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) last conducted the Census of Agriculture and Fisheries, making a recent media conference organized by the government agency a significant event.

During the conference, Deputy National Statistician Minerva Eloisa Esquivias told Manila Standard Life that they are thrilled to have actress Bea Alonzo on board as the celebrity endorser for the upcoming 2022 Census of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Actress Bea Alonzo embarks on a new journey as the celebrity endorser for the upcoming 2022 Census of Agriculture and Fisheries

“Apart from her status as one of the most sought-after celebrities in the country, Bea is a passionate advocate for sustainable farming. This commitment is evident through her ownership of an organic farm in Zambales, which serves as a tranquil haven for both her family and herself,” Esquivias said.

The statistician aims to raise greater awareness with the actress’s involvement. By having Bea on board as part of the project, she believes that there will be an increased level of attention and consciousness about the initiative. Bea’s influence and popularity can potentially help the initiative reach a wider audience and garner more interest from the public.

“We want to achieve mileage. This collaboration is seen as a strategic move to enhance the visibility and impact of the project, ultimately leading to a greater understanding and participation in the goals of the Census of Agriculture and Fisheries,” Esquivias added.

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The upcoming 2022 Census of Agriculture and Fisheries will mark the seventh in a series of decennial agricultural censuses and the sixth decennial census of fisheries in the country since 1903. The PSA holds the responsibility of gathering and compiling fundamental information about the agricultural and fishery sectors in the Philippines.

Bea is known for being an advocate of sustainable farming

The significance of this endeavor by the PSA cannot be overstated, as up-to-date information on agriculture and fisheries enables economic development planners to address the challenges and opportunities within these sectors, contributing to the nation’s growth and prosperity.

The 2022 CAF is set to commence officially on September 4. The PSA will deploy a team of 15,841 enumerators and 5,430 census supervisors across the nation. Their task includes conducting a comprehensive census on agricultural and fishery households, as well as engaging with operators in crop farming, livestock, poultry, aquaculture, and fisheries, alongside barangay officials.

Utilizing Computer Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI), these data collectors will amass information that will serve as the foundation for governmental policies and programs aimed at improving the conditions of the agriculture and fisheries sectors.

Through this partnership, Bea officially joins the ranks of “CAFarmers,” extending her support to advocate for and celebrate this significant cause.

During the pandemic, the actress spent most of her time in her organic farm in Zambales

All members of the agriculture and fishery sectors are strongly encouraged to partake in the upcoming census, aligning with the 2022 CAF’s tagline, “CAFarmer, CAFisher, Tayo ang Bida!”

“I would also like to encourage other celebrities who are into farming to engage in this activity. This happens once every 10 years. By participating, we aid our government in accurately tallying the individuals within this sector, a crucial step in understanding its dynamics and needs,” Alonzo ended.

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