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Your car, your responsibility

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Regular car upkeep is crucial for longevity and performance. Innovations from years of research have integrated into new imports, simplifying vehicle care.

Tonyo Calado, AVP of Sales & Marketing at All-Inclusive Sales, Inc., showcased their commitment at their Pasig City office. They’re known for quality auto components, offering alternatives to originals, like Bendix brakes, Blue Chem, and more, from various global sources.

Tonyo highlighted Blue Chem, a sought-after product for efficient car care. It’s revolutionized maintenance, saving time and costs for owners and motor shops.

During my visit, I saw Kat Coperos, with account managers Billy John Lim and Jeffrey Jagoon, demo Blue Chem on my Nissan Navara.

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Tonyo emphasized Blue Chem’s time-saving advantage, reducing cleaning time to three hours. This contrasts with traditional, days-long methods at dealerships.

The demo started with an oil system cleaner’s importance during oil changes. It eliminates sludge and carbon deposits, enhancing fuel efficiency and engine performance. One can costs about P400, suitable for 4 to 8 liters of engine oil.

Oxicat, a 300ml can, excels at cleaning oxygen sensors and catalytic converters, eradicating deposits in the exhaust system.

Triple X Air Intake Cleaner lubricates the air intake system, ensuring smooth engine operation, lower fuel consumption, and emissions.

The Klima Aircon Cleaner demo showed its efficiency in removing dirt, bacteria, mold, and more from aircon units without disassembly.

A 200ml High Performance Diesel System Super Cleaner cleans diesel engines’ fuel systems, removing contaminants and moisture.

In less than an hour, the demo validated Tonyo’s claim of effective and affordable car care solutions from All-Inclusive.

In essence, regular maintenance is vital, and All-Inclusive Sales, Inc. offers advanced solutions for optimal car condition.

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