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Belmonte raises alarm on rise of leptospirosis

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QUEZON City Mayor Joy Belmonte on Monday raised the alarm over rise of leptospirosis incidence in the city, saying at l0 cases are record daily.

She said the city government is doing its best to address the increase in the leptospirosis cases over the past two weeks, and directed the Quezon City Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance Unit (QCESU) to take appropriate actions.

Data from QCESU showed an increasing number of leptospirosis cases in the past two weeks with 26 cases reported from July 22 to Aug. 4.  

Notably, 10 were recorded on Aug. 1, the highest number of cases in a single day.

To curb the spread of the disease and protect individuals at risk, the use of Doxycycline or antibiotics to treat infections has been distributed in barangay health centers, QCESU chief Dr. Rolando Cruz said.

Early diagnosis is critical to preventing severe complications that could lead to hospitalization, Belmonte said.

“Residents who are at risk due to the nature of their work or location, and those who are experiencing fever after being exposed to flood water are encouraged to visit the nearest barangay health center for assessment and appropriate treatment,” she said.

“We have to take extra precautions to avoid the disease since it is rainy season,” she added.

Cruz said antibiotics would be given as prophylaxis to high-risk individuals, especially those with a history of wading through floodwaters, to reduce the risk of infection and as an early treatment to individuals diagnosed with leptospirosis.
He said leptospirosis spreads through the urine or feces of infected animals, especially rats.


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