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Alden Richards dazzles audiences with remarkable versatility and acting range

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According to Alden Richards, when he faces the camera, people see a different persona. He transforms into the character he portrays — not the Alden known to the public.

Viewers can expect this transformation in the month-long special episodes of Magpakailanman, where the actor will take on various real-life roles, showcasing his acting versatility and prowess like never before.

Catch Alden Richards every Saturday in ‘Magpakailanman’

Starting August 5, GMA Network’s award-winning drama anthology will present these special episodes featuring the multimedia star.

One of the inspiring stories is “A Runner to Remember: The Jirome de Castro Story,” where Alden plays Jirome, a dedicated runner whose life is disrupted by cervical dystonia, a debilitating neurological disorder. Alden’s commitment to the role goes beyond the script, immersing himself in the inspiring owner’s life and mannerisms.

This August, Alden Richards shows his versatility in acting in the month-long special episodes of ‘Magpakailanman’

Next, Alden portrays Richard in “Epal Dreamboy: The Richard Licop Story,” depicting the journey of an influencer who faces backlash for flaunting material possessions online. The episode explores Richard’s transformation from a poor boy with big dreams to a successful vlogger.

In the action-drama episode “The Lost Boy,” Alden embodies Allan, a young man entangled in a life of crime after being taken in by Leo. The storyline delves into themes of loyalty, morality, and survival, revealing another side of Alden’s acting talent.

One of the episodes requires Alden to play the role of Richard Licop, an influencer who faces backlash for flaunting material possessions online

Lastly, in “Sa Puso’t-Isipan: The Cantillana Family Story,” a special episode raising mental health awareness, Alden takes on the role of Andrew, a loving son, responsible brother, and primary caregiver to his mentally-ill parents. Alden’s performance is expected to handle sensitive issues with depth and sincerity.

In ‘The Lost Boy,’ Alden portrays the role of a young man entangled in a life of crime

Witness Alden Richards in these challenging roles and gripping storylines in Magpakailanman every Saturday at 8:15 p.m. on GMA-7 throughout the whole month of August.


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