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Creative solutions for your balding crown

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As a person who embraces my baldness, writing this article about creative solutions for the balding crown is quite amusing to me. I understand firsthand the challenges that come with thinning hair, and I’ve found that a buzz cut is the best choice for me.

At an event held in a hotel in Newport City, Pasay, a few months ago, I unexpectedly encountered Arnell Ignacio, a previous television host and current OWWA Administrator. Without hesitation, he enthusiastically shared details about his business, which provides innovative remedies catering to both men and women experiencing hair loss.

During our encounter, Arnell, with his characteristic wit, suggested that I visit his salon, where he promised to work his magic and make me resemble the dashing Derek Ramsay. I simply laughed stating that I was content with my current appearance.

OWWA Administrator and former TV host Arnell Ignacio

Three months later, I found myself standing outside his salon, located along Visayas Avenue.

Arnell’s Creative Hair Systems, the name of his business, has just opened its second branch. The first branch is located in the city of San Juan.

“This new branch is a testament to the remarkable success of my business,” Arnell confidently expressed. “The overwhelming demand from our satisfied clients has driven the expansion of Creative Hair Systems, enabling us to cater to an even larger audience in search of superior hair replacement solutions.”

Creative Hair Systems prides itself on providing world-class hair systems crafted from 100 percent human hair. Their expertise extends beyond hair replacement, as they also offer a wide range of services, including microblading, scalp micropigmentation, and even tattoo removal. This comprehensive approach ensures that clients receive the best possible care and achieve their desired look.

“For over 18 years, we have been providing hair enhancements using non-surgical techniques,” Arnell shared. He further revealed his vision of establishing a hair salon at every airport, reminiscing about a humorous incident from two decades ago.

Creative Hair Systems, owned by Arnerll, caters to customers who are in need of world-class hair systems—hair replacement, microblading, scalp micropigmentation, and even tattoo removal

“I was on a plane, and the flight attendant became concerned when my toupee started sliding down my face. It was a funny experience, but it made me realize the importance of ensuring the security of hairpieces for everyone. That motivated me to conduct extensive research and discover effective methods to keep their hairpieces intact,” he recalled.

Creative Hair Systems under the guidance of Arnell, showcases the transformative power of embracing one’s baldness. Through their expertise and dedication, individuals can discover creative solutions that boost confidence and allow them to fully embrace their unique beauty. But during the opening of the new branch, Arnell acknowledged my comfort and confidence in my chosen hairstyle.

“You’re doing just fine. Stick with it since you feel confident with that hairstyle” he said, appreciating my decision to embrace my unique look.


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