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Pasig’s champion for change and progress

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When incumbent Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto won the elections in 2019, it was like the battle between David and Goliath. He went head-to-head with former Pasig City Mayor Robert “Bobby” Eusebio. It seemed like the odds were against Sotto because of Eusebio’s influence over the city. But Sotto held firm in his bid to become a public servant. Ultimately, Sotto emerged victorious and became the youngest mayor to take the helm of Pasig City.

As the son of two pillars in the Philippine entertainment industry, Coney Reyes and Vic Sotto, the now incumbent Pasig City Mayor won over his people with his undeniable charm and being a catalyst for change.

During the first two years of his term, Sotto implemented the change he wanted to see in Pasig. Eventually, the United States Government recognized his efforts for transparency and accountability, earning Sotto the Anti-Corruption Champion Award, among others from across the globe.

Incumbent Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto

In May 2022, Sotto triumphed again and won his re-election bid, renewing his vow and perspective to implement good governance within his city.

Besides bringing change to the table, Sotto’s pro-activeness during the pandemic earned his constituents’ trust and support. One of his early challenges in position was the COVID-19 pandemic. But instead of succumbing to the difficulty, Sotto rose to the occasion. He spearheaded designated eco-friendly buses to aid essential workers in going to their jobs.

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Sotto established mobile kitchens that provided Pasig frontliners with fresh, hot meals as they set the standard of being the country’s modern heroes. He also launched a mobile palengke to encourage people to stay indoors while providing them with fresh produce to remain healthy.

Although Sotto was only doing what was proper for his city, his initiatives landed him the top spot in an opinion survey conducted by RLR Research & Analysis Inc from May 14 to June 2, where he got the highest satisfaction rating with 97 percent.

Meanwhile, Sotto has always been transparent in his dealings with his city. He positioned himself as a credible public leader who’s only looking out for his constituents’ welfare.

Coinciding with his bid to battle corruption, Sotto vowed to decrease the costs for all his city projects implemented during his term. He even shared that under his leadership, Pasig saved around P1.2 billion, thanks to his new transparent

The 34-year-old Pasig City Mayor also created a 24/7 hotline, Ugnayan sa Pasig, to intensify his anti-corruption plans and remain transparent with his constituents. The hotline allows Pasig residents to call city hall directly and file complaints about the government service or government officials. They can also request information on public matters. The hotline is accessible via email, phone, or social media.

Nowadays, Sotto remains occupied with his plans for the city while keeping his eyes and ears open to any concerns his constituents might raise.

Sotto holds the highest satisfaction rate in a recent survey for his COVID-19 response

Among Sotto’s recent undertakings to continuously improve Pasig to meet his constituents’ demands is the bid to make a new City Hall “campus,” replacing the current buildings, which assessors claim as structurally inadequate. Sotto proclaimed the plan during the Gabi ng Pasasalamant event, which coincides with Pasig’s 450th Founding Anniversary last July 2, 2023, Sunday.

“We realized that this is an opportunity for the City of Pasig, as we recognize our history for the past 450 years, to bridge the past, present, and future. Now we are thinking of the next 450 years of Pasig,” the mayor said.

Sotto also divulged that the project would be the most significant in Pasig City’s history, given its requirements of a 10-year masterplan and two years to build.

“First, we must make sure that we solve our current problems using the most efficient means possible,” he said. “Beyond this, we must also make sure that what we build is future proof.”

Because of Sotto’s staunch advocacy for change and consistency in implementing his vision for a well-equipped Pasig, it’s no surprise when many Filipinos, after reading some of his accomplishments for Pasig in the news, want to transfer to Vico-Landia, a modern moniker people now use to describe the Pasig under Sotto’s watchful eye.

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