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Paolo Contis, Yorme Isko sign long-term contract with ‘Bagong Eat Bulaga’; Show’s end on July 29 debunked by TAPE

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TAPE, Inc. has debunked the fake news circulating on social media that the recently relaunched Eat Bulaga will go off the air on July 29. The show is currently celebrating its 44th anniversary and will reach its peak on July 29 with a special “Big Day” episode. 

In a press statement sent to Manila Standard Entertainment, Atty. Maggie Garduque, TAPE’s legal counsel, stated that there is no reason for the show to end and clarified that although the show’s ratings were initially low on July 1 due to anticipation for the launch of new shows, it has been picking up since then.

The new hosts of Eat Bulaga have been facing criticism on social media and have become the target of fake news. However, TAPE’s top executives expressed their satisfaction with the new hosts’ performance, the show’s ratings, and the influx of commercials.

Matter of fact, today, Saturday, July 8, main hosts Paolo Contis and Yorme Isko Moreno signed a long-term contract with TAPE. 

Paolo Contis expressed gratitude for TAPE’s trust in him and Yorme Isko, emphasizing their commitment to providing help and entertainment to viewers for a long time. He added that Eat Bulaga will continue as long as its audience is there, highlighting that the show is about the viewers and not just the hosts. Yorme Isko Moreno echoed similar sentiments, thanking the creative and production staff and emphasizing the viewers as their top priority.

“Both of us are committed to deliver help and fun to our viewers for a long time so we consider this an important day. Like what we always say, Eat Bulaga will stay as long as its audience is there. They are Eat Bulaga, not the hosts,” Contis stated. 

“Thank you very much to the Creative and Production staff of ‘G sa Gedli.’ Paolo and I share the same goal of the new Eat Bulaga – to give out help and fun. This time, the viewers are our priorities,” Moreno said in turn.

Atty. Maggie Garduque further clarified that the news of Eat Bulaga ending on July 29, is untrue. Instead, it will mark the end of the 43rd year of the show, as the 44th anniversary will be celebrated on the same date. 

TAPE’s contract with GMA extends until 2024, ensuring that the show will continue to provide fun, entertainment, and assistance to its Kapuso viewers until its 45th year and beyond. 

The company is also professionalizing its operations under the directive of President and CEO Romy Jalosjos, including implementing contract signings with employees and talents to secure their terms and conditions.

“With the directive of our President and CEO Romy Jalosjos, we are starting to professionalize everything also, like doing contract-signing with employees and talents as this does not only benefit the company but more so the talents and employees who will be secured of the terms and conditions of their engagements,” Atty. Garduque added.

EB President and CEO Romy Jalosjos expressed confidence in the new hosts and was pleased with the show’s progress. The fun and enjoyable nature of the new Eat Bulaga show is evident in its ratings, reflecting the audience’s positive reception. Therefore, long-term contracts will be executed with all the hosts, starting with Yorme and Paolo, and the remaining hosts will also sign their contracts next week. 

“The new EB show is fun, and the rating would speak for itself… This is a testament that people like the show. Thus, apt for the execution of long-term contract with the hosts, starting with Yorme and Paolo, the other hosts will also be signing the long-term contract next week,” concluded Atty. Garduque.

The contract signing event was attended by TAPE, Inc. President and CEO John Jalosjos, Chief Finance Officer Mayor Bullet Jalosjos, and Sparkle VP Joy Marcelo.


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