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How to boost your skin’s daily hydration

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An icon since the ‘70s, The Body Shop’s Vitamin E range is so beloved. It’s a hydration hero, packed full of skin-loving ingredients that are suitable for every skin type, tone, and texture.

Today, it remains a cross-generational hero as its full range has a bit of a makeover. Not only are all the moisturizers and serums now infused with natural origin hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, but the packaging has had a stylish update.

The Body Shop’s Vitamin E has skin-loving ingredients that are suitable for every skin type, tone, and texture

The improved line-up includes a range of moisturizers, cleansers, and masks, all housed in new recycled and recyclable packaging made from glass, aluminum, and plastic.

Here’s how you can update your Vitamin E Skincare routine:

Cleanse. Get started with our Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash and Vitamin E Cream Cleanser. The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash is perfect for your daily facial wash leaving your skin feeling clean, soft, and refreshed; while the gentle cleanser helps to remove daily dirt and impurities from the skin, leaving a nice, fresh canvas for the rest of your routine

Tone. Vitamin E Moisturising Toner is the perfect post-cleanse partner that’ll sweep up any lingering impurities and leave your skin feeling prepped and ready for moisturizing. It effectively removes traces of makeup, leaving skin feeling moisturized, refreshed, and protected from dryness.

Moisturize. Vitamin E Moisture Day and Night Creams have an iconic formula that will leave the skin feeling softer and smoother and boosted with hydration by 38 percent for eight hours.

Vitamin E Moisture Gel Cream leaves the skin hydrated and plumped with 48H hydration.

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