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BREN Esports bullish on outlook, to expand in Singapore

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BREN Esports the Mobile Legends world champion in 2021 is set to expand its clout in Singapore.

Mobile Legends is the most famous and most downloaded mobile game having millions — and still growing — esports players and enthusiasts following their favorite esports groups. BREN Esports has installed discipline to all its players giving the team a formidable and super competitive image in the tough esports field.

BREN ESports is the biggest and most successful team in the Philippines, the only locally-grown squad with a full-service training facility READ. BREN Esports, also known as BREN EPro, has partnered with EMERGE Sports for its expansion in Singapore.

“We aim to be the leading eSports ecosystem in the Philippines with the principles of transparency and collaboration with partners who share the same vision to nurture the growth of esports locally and internationally,” said Bernard Lu Chong, President and CEO of Bren Esports; and Esports Arena(MeSA), BrenProTV and Next Talents, BrenPro, Inc.

Bernard Lu Chong

Currently, Bren Esports is part of the first franchise league in the country, “The Nationals” which features a traditional league format where franchise teams compete in four game titles that cater to different gaming communities (PC gaming, mobile gaming, console gaming, and a wildcard game). This league also aims to be the main pool for national esports athletes who will compete in tournaments sanctioned by the SEA Games, Asian Games and the Olympics. The league is broadcast live in ESPN5.

Recently, the Court of Appeals dismissed the case and recalls a warrant of arrest against Bren Esports’ Bernard Lu Chong. The alleged charges involving Lu Chong with Fortuneyield. Lu Chong was able to prove that he was no longer connected with Fortuneyield when it committed on or about March 22, 2019, the time of the alleged commission of the crime, by reason of his resignation, assignment of shares, and replacement as President of the said company long before the said commission of the crime, has been sufficiently established.

Bernard Lu Chong is an ambitious business professional with an Electronics Communications Engineering degree. He is a natural entrepreneur, armed with an immense passion for intellectual growth, and is a savvy investor whose portfolio ranges from traditional brick and mortar businesses to angel investments in tech startups.

Bernard Lu Chong at the helm, BREN Esports has a roster of no-nonsense players for Mobile Legends Bang Bang, CS GO, PUBG, League of Legends, Overwatch, Heartstone, Clash Royale, Arena of Valor, Rules of Survival, Valorant and Tekken. Bernard Chong is using blueprints of success from his World Balance brand and several businesses in shaping BREN Esports to the very top of the esports world.


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