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EVAP recognized at 10th International EV Expo in Korea

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The Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) has been a driving force in promoting sustainable transportation solutions in the country

This commitment was further highlighted when its President, Edmund Araga, and Chairman, Rommel Juan, recently traveled to Jeju, Korea, to attend the 10th International Electric Vehicle Expo and celebrate the 8th anniversary of the Global Electric Vehicle Network (GEAN), headed by Chairman Daehhwan Kim.

The event provided an excellent platform for the EVAP to showcase the progress made in promoting electric vehicles (EVs) in the Philippines. It was also an opportunity for the organization to gain insights from other countries and to explore new technologies that could be implemented in the Philippines.

Araga and Juan were also joined by Dennis Chuah, President of the Electric Vehicle Association of Malaysia, in representing the Asian Federation of Electric Vehicle Associations (AFEVA) at the event. AFEVA is a regional organization that aims to promote the adoption of EVs in Asia.

During the expo, Araga and Juan had the opportunity to meet with representatives from other EV organizations and exchange ideas on promoting EV adoption. They also had the chance to see the latest EV models and technologies on display at the expo.

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One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of the GEAN award to Araga for his efforts as President of AFEVA in promoting sustainable transportation solutions in Asia. The award recognized Araga’s leadership and commitment to promoting EV adoption in the region.

The trip to Korea was a significant milestone for the EVAP and the Philippine EV industry. The event was a testament to the commitment of the EVAP to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions in the Philippines.

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