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New LEGO Vehicles make their rounds in Metro Manila

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It’s all in the details for LEGO® Vehicles, with every part and every piece coming together to recreate top-notch display models of iconic cars and motorbikes. Collectors and non-collectors alike can expect near-perfect replicas of the actual vehicles, from the overall design to the functionality of parts.

Discover the best vehicle gifts for anyone with a need for speed

The LEGO Vehicles has all your automobile interests covered — whether it’s letting younger LEGO fans explore the mechanics of vehicles or sprucing up your space with these top-of-the-line display models. Featured in the line-up are replicas of iconic cars from all over pop culture, from the fast to the flashy, so you know you can never go wrong with choosing any of the following LEGO Vehicles set:

LEGO Technic 42154 22 Ford GT (SRP 8,999.00)

LEGO Technic 42153 Nascar Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro (SRP 3,799.00)

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LEGO Technic 42151 Bugatti Bollide (SRP 3,799.00)

LEGO Speed Champions 76917 2 Fast 2 Furious Nissan Skyline (SRP 1,799.00)

LEGO Speed Champions 76916 Porsche 963 (SRP 1,799.00)

LEGO City 60389 Custom Car Garage (SRP 3,799.00)

LEGO City 60383 Electric Sports Car (SRP 699.00)

From kids who love the speed of race cars, to serious hobbyists who want their set to be a perfect miniature of their favorite car, there’s a LEGO Vehicle for everyone!

Rev up your collection with LEGO Vehicles

The LEGO Group is going full speed with mini-caravan events and a line-up of display model sets that will have you shifting gears to get to the nearest toy store!

From now until May 31, exclusive gifts will be available for purchases of LEGO Vehicles sets from PHP 3000 and up. Be transported to an auto haven where you can enjoy building with blocks and bricks, have your photos taken, and shop for your LEGO set of choice at LEGO Certified Store, Toys R Us, Toy Kingdom, and Toy Kingdom Express stores this whole month.

To learn more about the LEGO Group, check out, follow the LEGO Certified Store on Facebook and Instagram, and BankeeBricks on Facebook & Instagram or visit the LEGO Certified Store nearest you.

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