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The growing potential of reduced risk products among Filipino adult smokers

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The recent entry of reduced-risk products in the Philippine market plays a pivotal role for tobacco consumers, as it accommodates the Filipino adult smoker’s ever-changing needs and demands.

The uptake and interest in products that have the potential to reduce the risks associated with smoking has increased along with a growing number of smokers looking for alternatives or complements to their smoking habit.

The roster of innovative Reduced Risk Products currently available in the market include heated tobacco products, electronic cigarettes or vapes and novel tobacco products such as the traditional snus and modern nicotine pouches.

Heated tobacco products contain tobacco that is electrically heated – not burnt – through a variety of different heat sources. The use of HTPs create an inhalable vapor that offers an experience that is close to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Probably the most widely used RRP in the local market are e-cigarettes or vapes. Although similar in usage to that of HTPs, e-cigarettes contain no tobacco and create an inhalable vapor by heating e-liquids.

Novel tobacco products, on the other hand, offer Filipino adult smokers a unique way of experiencing tobacco or nicotine. While the use of snus or nicotine pouches have yet to gain popularity locally, these products present significant harm reduction and even convenience, making them a viable consideration among smokers or vapers.

Snus comes in loose form or portioned sachets, resembling that of a tea bag. It is a traditional oral tobacco product originating from Sweden that is placed under the lip.

Modernizing smokers’ experience is nicotine pouch—a soft, small and discreet white pouch that contains nicotine extract from tobacco leaf.  A nicotine pouch is placed between the upper or bottom lip and gum and can be used on any occasion at one’s convenience for up to 60 minutes. It does not stain one’s teeth and is free of smoke, vapor, and smell, making it a less harmful way to consume nicotine. Nicotine pouches come in several strengths, flavors and formats.

As technologies continue to advance, and the tobacco industry continues to evolve, Filipino adult smokers find themselves with a wider range of products from which to choose from than ever before – products created to provide an enjoyable experience, diverse offerings that is suited to their needs and lifestyle, and most importantly, reduce potential for harm and associated risks to smoking traditional cigarettes.


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