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Alden’s secret to summer-ready skin

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Multimedia star Alden Richards has always been admired not only for his exceptional talent in acting and as a recording artist but also for his impeccable looks, particularly his smooth and glowing skin. 

And this summer season, many people are looking for ways to achieve skin like Alden that is ready for the heat and humidity. 

In a recent event organized by Brilliant Skin, where the 31-year-old star was introduced as its latest endorser for Sunscreen Gel-Cream, Alden shared his secret to his summer-ready skin. 

Multimedia star Alden Richards

Alden follows a skincare routine. In terms of products, he chooses moisturizers with SPF to protect his skin from harmful UV rays. Moreover, he stays hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day to keep his skin mositurized and supple.

Aside from his skincare routine, Alden also maintains a healthy lifestyle by getting enough sleep and exercising regularly.

Alden’s summer-ready skin is the result of a consistent and disciplined skincare routine, coupled with a healthy lifestyle or in his exact words: “The four essential tips for maintaining a healthy skin are sunblock, sleep, hydration, and proper clothing.”

Protect your skin with sunscreen

Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is vital, as prolonged sun exposure can cause skin damage and increase your risk of skin cancer. Using a high-quality sunblock with a high SPF can help prevent these negative effects.

Naturally produced, the new Sunscreen Gel-Cream SPF 30 is proven safe and effective in protecting from harmful UVA and UVB rays while keeping your skin glowing and moisturized. The product has a gel texture with a sheer finish that makes it lightweight, non-sticky, and non-greasy. 

Enough sleep for your overall health

It is recommended that adults get at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night, and children require even more. A good night’s sleep allows your body to repair and recharge, leading to improved cognitive function, mood, and overall well-being.
“If you get enough sleep, it reflects on your skin,” Alden shared.

Hydrate your way to healthy, radiant skin

Hydration is another crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy body. Drinking enough water is essential for regulating body temperature, aiding digestion, and keeping your skin healthy. It is recommended that adults drink at least eight glasses of water per day, and children should drink even more.
“Sometimes, people think that taking care of your skin also means putting something on your skin or on your face. It is more of what you take in as well, so hydration, like drinking water and eating fruits help a lot,” Alden said.

Proper clothing to protect the skin 

While many people focus on using sunscreen and staying hydrated, the clothes they wear can also play a significant role in preventing sun damage and maintaining healthy skin.

When it comes to dressing for summer, lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton and linen are ideal choices. These materials allow air to circulate around the body, preventing overheating and excessive sweating, which can lead to acne and other skin issues.

“Also, as much as possible, if you can wear a cap or a hat, please do so especially on summer days,” he recommended.

Alden’s contract signing with the brand puts him alongside other  Brilliant Skin ambassadors namely Seth Fedelin, Jillian Ward, Zeinab Harake, and Andrea Brillantes.

Brilliant Skin Essentials’ CEO Glenda Dela Cruz revealed that having  Alden in the Brilliant Skin family is something that she has been looking forward to.

“I think it’s no secret that I am a big Alden fan. I have always admired his talent as an actor, his growth, and his overall vibrant personality. But when you look at him as a whole, his entire persona and how fresh he is, he’s really someone whose character fits the Brilliant Skin family,” Glenda stated.


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