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Alden Richards, Julia Montes pair up in Irene Villamor’s new romance film

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Alden Richards and Julia Montes express excitement and pride as they debut their first-ever silver screen team-up in Five Break-ups and a Romance, directed by Irene Emma Villamor.

Julia expresses her surprise upon learning about her upcoming collaboration with Alden Richards, sharing that she even asked if it was really true. Despite her initial disbelief, she feels honored to work with him. Although they have only just started filming, she already sees qualities in Alden that make him stand out, and now fully understands why he is so well-regarded. 

Alden Richards (left) and Julia Montes team up for the first time in ‘Five Break-ups’

“That’s why Alden Richards is Alden Richards!” she exclaims with admiration.

Sharing his perspective, Alden remarks that it has been quite some time since his last movie was released back in 2019. Therefore, when he was offered this project, he immediately felt excited, especially because he would be working with Julia. He recognizes her as a talented and brilliant actress and is eager to collaborate with her in their upcoming film.

“When we had our first meeting, we clicked already. There were no pretensions. I immediately felt the sincerity so I didn’t have apprehensions about giving my all to the project. For me, it’s very important how we show our individuality to each other before the cameras start rolling,” adds Alden.

“We just started shooting but I think this will be the start of a really good friendship and working relationship with her. I hope that this will not be our last project together,” he goes on.

So, there was no awkwardness between them when the cameras started grinding for the movie?

“It’s good that we were already comfortable with each other before shooting started. Personally, it’s a big thing for me to be comfortable with my screen partner. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I appreciate the fact that I’ve seen Alden’s real side early on,” Julia reveals.

“I agree! Before anything else, we should work on the relationship of the co-stars more than anything else. It’s the foundation of the whole project. That’s where it all starts.

“It’s hard to grope in the dark, so to speak. Especially if it’s your first time working together, right? That’s why I appreciate Julia for being brave. It’s like, ‘This is me. Will you accept me or not?’ She’s very genuine,” adds Alden. 

According to Carla Abellana, she didn’t find the action scenes in line with her participation in GMA’s Voltes V: Legacy very hard.

“It’s not my first time anyway to engage in action sequences. With this project, the explosions are large in extent, the set is so vast, and there are lots of equipment, weapons, and gears needed in the execution of the scenes. It called for bigger movement, bigger action. It’s definitely on a different level,” she avers.

The actress assures that they were guided in doing the scenes. She said they received proper training and support on the set. They also have stunt directors and stunt doubles. 

“All the major fight scenes are more on the other characters. But I did enjoy the scenes where I had to do some action,” Carla states adding that her character is not really involved in many action scenes.

Speaking of her role as Mary Ann Armstrong, her exposure won’t be that long. Her character will not be seen in the entirety of the show. 

“I don’t feel sad if my participation in the show is short-lived. Voltes V fans know what happened to my character. For me, the exposure is more than enough and I’m grateful to be part of this ambitious project,” ends Carla. 


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