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Maine Mendoza sheds bubbly persona for a serious warning

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TV personality Maine Mendoza has shed her funny and bubbly persona to give an important and serious warning to the public.

 “Hi, friends! Di muna ako magpapatawa. Seryoso ‘to (I won’t make you laugh now because this is serious),” she opens with a somber tone in her recent video.

 “Mag-SIM Reg para hindi SIM dead! Huwag dedmahin ang deadline para hindi ma-dead ang SIM ninyo, (Register your SIM to avoid SIM Dead. Don’t ignore the SIM Registration deadline). 

Maine Mendoza reminds and encourages everyone to comply to the sim registration act

 Maine’s video, produced by mobile services provider Smart Communications as a public service announcement, is in line with the Department of Information and Communications Technology’s (DICT) deadline to register all SIMs in the country by April 26, 2023. 

 All SIMs that are not registered will be permanently deactivated, or what the Eat Bulaga host refers to as  ‘SIM dead.’

 SIM dead means no outgoing and incoming calls, no sending and receiving messages, no internet access, and forfeited load balances, Maine enumerates.

 With your  SIM dead, you won’t be able to receive one-time passwords (OTPs) for your banking apps or mobile wallets, and therefore won’t be able to access or use your savings and wallet credits. SIM dead also means you won’t be able to access all the apps linked to your mobile number like your social media apps, messaging apps, and delivery apps, or recover a forgotten password linked to your mobile number.

 “Our smartphone has become an extension of ourselves, and failing to register our SIM will cut us off from the many technological conveniences that enable us to live more today. This is why we encourage all our customers to register their Smart and TNT SIMs ahead of the April 26 deadline,” said Francis E. Flores, SVP and Head of Consumer Wireless Business – Individual at Smart.

 All SIMs, whether Smart, TNT, or Smart Bro Pocket and Home WiFi, need to be registered. If you are a Smart Prepaid or TNT subscriber, register your SIM at or download or register via the GigaLife App.

 If you are a Smart Postpaid user, you only need to confirm all your personal information in your postpaid application. To do this, text YES to 5858 and wait for the text confirmation.

On the other hand, if you are Smart Bro subscriber, you can proceed with SIM Registration by accessing your one-time password following these steps: 

Watch the full video featuring Maine mendoza here:


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