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…Are Talking About

Maine Mendoza
The public already holds Maine in high regard because of her bubbly and approachable personality. Yet, in a recent episode of Eat Bulaga, she shared a gem of advice by encouraging a young mom to break the cycle of toxicity by placing the responsibility of supporting their family on her child’s shoulders. As a modern woman, Maine proves that it’s time we break generational traumas that could hinder a child’s development as they strive for happiness in their own ways. 

Ice Seguerra 
It’s been an eventful time in Ice’s life as he celebrated his anniversary with Liza Diño and fulfilled his dreams outside of showbiz. Despite his busy schedule, he takes the time to interact on social media. Thanks to his bubbly personality, Ice often laughs off negative comments. But one social media user named Nora caught his attention by defending Ice against a basher who criticized his looks. Nora, on other hand, said Ice looked just right. We all need a Nora in our lives. 

…Are Not Talking About

Maegan Aguilar 
As the daughter of OPM icon Freddie Aguilar, Maegan’s not exempted from the public’s gaze, specifically when her family airs their dirty laundry. Yet it seems Maegan isn’t interested in reconciling with her parents anytime soon. She even shares that going to rehab would allow her with a better support system than with them. Their feud is no secret to the public and has been going on for years. Despite prayers and well-wishes for Maegan, they aren’t expecting family reunions anytime soon. 

Ogie Diaz 
It’s been weeks since Liza Soberano spoke about her truth and desire to rebrand herself in the industry after being “boxed in” particular roles throughout the years. Yet it wasn’t an easy confession as the public, with other known showbiz personalities, contradicted her statements, citing quotes she said earlier in her career. Among them was her former talent manager Ogie. Their back-and-forths are getting cumbersome, so maybe Ogie’s decision to stay mum about Liza’s claims will finally extinguish the flames. 


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