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Thursday, July 25, 2024

People are talking about Luis Manzano

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Luis Manzano 

Being a first-time father, Luis has been hands-on with their daughter. Aside from showing the genuine side of fatherhood through raw selfies on social media, Luis also proved to netizens that it’s not something to joke around. Whenever the usual basher visits his posts, Luis goes to town to reply with witty remarks to turn the situation around. Maybe his humor will rub off on his daughter someday. 

Vice Ganda 

Watching the 71st Miss Universe competition was nerve-wracking, especially with Philippine bet Celeste Cortesi’s early exit. Although it was a lesson in humility, others couldn’t help but poke some fun at the event. Among them was comedian and It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda. Although making people laugh has been a talent of Vice for years, his timely and witty quips during somewhat unforeseen circumstances help lighten the mood. 

People are not talking about…

Mikee Morada 

Another year, another controversy concerning Alex Gonzaga. Social media has been abuzz with a video of her during her birthday, where she smeared icing on the forehead of an unknowing server. While most of the public wasn’t surprised with how Alex acted, they noticed the unflinching Mikee when the incident happened. Social media posts say that the issue is now settled, and that the server – for a reason only God knows why – has written a letter to prove that Alex made an effort to reach out and apologize for her unlikely behavior.

Vhong Navarro 

The latter of 2022 has undoubtedly been challenging for Vhong. He faced criminal charges filed by model Deniece Cornejo. This January, the comedian-host returned to his post on the variety show It’s Showtime. Although overjoyed, Vhong will still face Deniece’s lawyers and her bid for justice. Meanwhile, Deniece isn’t also keen on seeing Vhong return to television as she continues to file for another warrant of arrest. 


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