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How failed relationships shaped James Reid

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In a recent interview, James Reid pointed out that he has no regrets with his past break-ups because these helped shape him to be a stronger and much better person.

“I just don’t live with regret,” he averred. “When you’re feeling lonely after a break-up, like with all the relationships that I’ve had, there were moments when I completely question everything.

“When you’re at your low moments, I think that’s also very natural. But in the end, I really don’t regret anything. As I’ve said, I just don’t live with regret. It’s not something I want to have in my life, and everything that happened I just had to accept that it happened. And the good thing is, it really shaped who I am.”

So far, what are the things he learned when it comes to love?

Filipino singer-actor James Reid

“Oh, a lot of things actually! What love used to mean to me before was to be understood by someone. And that has changed a lot over the years, like through relationships.

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“I also realized that being understood by someone and then it turned into a commitment, like that’s what love meant to me, that it’s really a choice. So, it’s evolving for me and it’s still something I’m learning about every day.

“It’s not so simple, like love is being there for someone… so many things.

“That’s why I love writing about it so much, I feel like I can go on forever,” James said.


Joaquin Domagoso is definitely starting 2023 with a big bang.

The young actor recently won as Best Actor in Sweden’s Boden International Film Festival (BIFF) 2022 for his work in “That Boy in the Dark.”

Interestingly, this is his third Best Actor trophy for the said project which will be shown in the country this January. His first recognition came at the 16th Toronto Film and Script Awards in Canada on November 23, 2022. After that, he nabbed the same recognition at the Five Continents International Film Festival in Venezuela on December 23, 2022.

Young star Joaquin Domagoso

The competent lad couldn’t believe his triumphs in the mentioned international film festivals. The awards he received are additional blessings he got this year after becoming a first-time dad in April.

Co-starring with Joaquin in “That Boy in the Dark” are seasoned thespians Glydel Mercado and Lotlot de Leon along with Aneeza Gutierrez and Kiko Ipapo.

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