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Be energized for the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is one of Kim Chiu’s most favorite times of the year because it’s when she starts decorating her house, including her much-awaited Christmas tree. Growing up not having a tree has made her want to go all out and personally put one up every year. Her theme previously was white Christmas and decked her 12-foot tree with white ornaments because for her, the color white symbolized hope and she missed traveling to wherever there was snow.

Kim Chiu makes it a point to drink Berocca to help spark her energy because the holidays are one of the busiest times in her schedule.

This Christmas will be extra special because this will be the first time since the pandemic that we can all finally get together with minimal restrictions.

“This holiday season is the time for getting together, more reason to meet up and celebrate with friends and family, get together, exchange gifts and a lot of food!” says Kim. “Plus, I get to have my holiday vacation! Feeling excited and body must be ready for all the happenings!”

The holidays are also Kim’s busiest time because of work commitments and projects she has to attend to.

“I am doing a series of projects now and that’s what makes me busy these days plus I have just started my bag business and I am very happy with the result. I can’t wait for the restock and people want more of house of little bunny bags,” she adds. “I need to spark up my energy and be prepared for the coming holiday season! Feeling good! Feeling excited!”

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To carry herself through all this, she makes it a point to drink Berocca to help spark her energy.

Berocca boasts a unique combination of vitamins and essential minerals, like calcium, magnesium, and zinc, that work in synergy to improve your mental performance and physical energy throughout the day.

“Even if I lack sleep or have an early call time, I make sure I always have some Berocca,” Kim shared enthusiastically. “I get all the vitamins and nutrients my body needs, and it tastes great too.”

Like Kim, you can spark your energy to help you stay energized and focused throughout the holiday season.

You can buy Multivitamins and Minerals Berocca in leading drugstores nationwide and on Bayer Consumer’s official Shoppee and Lazada stores.

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