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Ivana Alawi’s choice

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Actress and social media personality Ivana Alawi is one of those people who rarely visit the gym or engage in physical activities but still look healthy, fit, and sexy. Some might say it’s probably the genes or she’s just “blessed” with a figure to die for. 

In a recent media junket for the 25-year-old’s latest product endorsement, she admitted that there are times that she’s too tired to exercise or too lazy to hit the gym, but it doesn’t mean she’s not on top of her physical health. But what’s the secret to her whistle-bait body? 

“My profession requires a lot of energy, it’s exhausting at times. But because I’m not an active person, I watch what I eat, drink, or put in my body. I’m a healthy eater,” Ivana shared during her launch as the official face of Maxijuice, an organic juice drink. 

Actress and social media personality Ivana Alawi makes it a habit to eat healthy

“It may be taken by diabetics, too,” she added saying that drinking Maxijuice is her bonding moment with Mona, her younger sister who has Type 2 diabetes. “She is taking Maxijuice in the morning.”

Ivana said that it’s been more than a year since she started taking the product and it took her months to finally endorse it.

“I’m the type of person who wanted to experience the product first, I wanted to experience the benefits before I give my seal of approval. Now, I share the product with my family and co-workers because it’s a nice gift that I could give them,” she told Manila Standard Life.

Ivana (third from right) with the owners and founder of M88

“It’s my personal choice to really try any product. With Maxijuice, I really felt the weight loss. And it’s energizing,” she added. 

Maxijuice has buah merah, guyabano, acai-berry, hibiscus, barley, stevia, malunggay, wheat grass, mangosteen, and inulin fiber. Maximum 88 president and CEO, Dr. Patricio Jugueta said it is an excellent detoxifier, powerful antioxidant, and rejuvenating agent. It has high fiber content, low calories, and promotes vitality and energy.

Ivana feels energized with Maxijuice

“I’m not health-conscious about what I eat because I don’t want to spoil my enjoyment of food. But I’m conscious about what I drink. And the product I drink must be organic and natural. That’s what I look for in juice,” Ivana went on. 

Maxijuice is manufactured by Maximum 88 Corporation with Dr. Jugueta as president, Mark Anthony Dapiton as VP, and Willis Chavez as co-founder. 


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