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Moms on a mission

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Mariel Padilla, Ciara Sotto, and Ruffa Gutierrez share some unique characteristics that make them the perfect trio to headline the late-morning talk show M.O.M.s – Mhies on a Mission that promises to provide more than just entertainment. 

In the program, which premieres today on ALLTV, these modern moms will accomplish different missions every episode by featuring informative, fun, and compelling stories relatable to fellow ‘Mhies’ (short for mommies) and to the whole family.

“We have different personalities, for me, what I can offer is my energy, my happy vibe. That’s what I can offer to the show and to the audience,” Mariel told Manila Standard Entertainment during the show’s grand media launch held at The Crossings Cafe in Las Piñas. 

‘M.O.M.s – Mhies on a Mission’ hosts (from left) Mariel Rodriguez, Ruffa Gutierrez, and Ciara Sotto

 “I can offer my originality and authenticity. That’s important I think. What I can bring to the table is I know that the Villar Group of Companies can rely on me and that they’ll always be my priority. And I’ll be professional and I will always do my best,” Ruffa said alluding to what she can offer to the table as one of the hosts.

 “I’ll be just honest with my feelings. I can also promise them that my co-hosts can rely on me. And as a host, I hope to inspire our viewers to be fit, and that’s just one of my missions,” Ciara said in turn. 

M.O.M.s’ first episode gives viewers a day in the life peek of the three hosts. Ruffa, the “Mhie na may Laban” shares a success story on how she raised her two daughters, Lorin and Venice, and how she finished her college degree this year as a single mother. 

Mariel, the “Mhie na may Diskarte” reveals her fun life as a hands-on mom to her daughters and determination as an entrepreneur despite being a Senator’s wife. 

Ruffa is the ‘Mhie na may Laban’ because of she successfully raised two daughters and achieved her dreams despite being a single mother

On the other hand, Ciara, the “Mhie na may Hataw” shows her strength as a single parent, discipline as a health and fitness advocate, and being a motivator and mentor as a pole-dancing teacher.

“Despite coming from different backgrounds and experiences, the three of us anchor on common ground as women and moms. I am excited to share new stories of hope with Mariel and Ciara.” Ruffa emphasizes.

“This is another milestone in my career since it is my first time to do a talk show and I take this as a challenge to learn new things. It is also overwhelming to work with two amazing mothers and hosts,” Ciara said.

On what makes M.O.M.s different from all other morning talk shows that we have already seen on TV, the trio said that it’s all about their chemistry on screen, their being together in one show for the first time, and their “genuine intention” to inspire and entertain the viewers.

Mariel Rodriguez is a hands-on mother to her children, earning the moniker ‘Mhie na may Diskarte’

“Our timeslot is different, we are accompanying the viewers before they watch their favorite noontime shows,” Mariel said.

 “It’s a new combination, we’ve never been in one show together, so that’s what makes this show really fresh,” Ciara responded. 

 “It’s a platform for self-discovery for me and for the viewers because we have missions to accomplish. As hosts, we learn about how ordinary people live their everyday lives, and that’s what we hope to share with the viewers as well,” Ruffa added.

AMBS President Maribeth Tolentino, who also joined the three hosts during the media conference, said the talk show is just one of the few surprises the new television station has in store for the viewers adding that the management is also excited to see the morning show fly as their first produced program.

Ciara Sotto is known as ‘Mhie na may Hataw,’ a single mother who advocates health and fitness

“We’re very excited about this because it is the first show produced by ALLTV. Buong buhay ngayon lang ito namin ginawa. You know that the Villar Group of Companies is into real estate. Now we venture into the broadcast or network industry,” said Tolentino. 

“We chose them because we took into consideration their friendship and their being comfortable with each other. Working with them is such a breeze. And obviously, that’s what the audience will see in their show,” Tolentino ended. 


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