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Best time to win lifetime fuel supply

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With the skyrocketing fuel prices these days, a promo that has been launched recently by an independent fuel provider is simply superb and badly needed by the local motorists.

That Seaoil promotion’s “Lifetime Free Gas” is a good example of a marketing strategy that would go a long way in helping our motorists in coping with the high prices of oil these days.

And to think that Seaoil’s promo is now on its sixth straight year is a good question to the so-called Big 3 in the country. Why can’t they do it too? Forget about copy-cats, if Petron, Shell, Caltex, and even those so-called new players can duplicate that kind of promo they would be a great help to all their respective patrons.

If Seaoil can afford to give P5,000-worth of gasoline per month, that’s peanuts to the Big 3, isn’t it?

Imagine, receiving P5,000-worth of gasoline per month for a lifetime is a big help to an ordinary motorist especially now that the cost of gas alone eats a big chunk of his salary. There’s no secret that an ordinary car owner these days is scrimping on their hard-earned money just to buy a few liters of gasoline for them to bring their cars to office in order to avoid the long lines in using the public transport. They never even mind the added cost of spiraling parking fees (especially in the Makati and BGC areas) too just to avoid being late or having crumpled shirts full of sweat in going to the office.

That P5,000 a month is P60,000 per year and simply P600,000 for 10 years! That’s already half the amount of an MPV or a pick-up truck these days. And you’re not talking here of just 10 years, it’s just as long as you live for the rest of your life because the term here is LIFETIME.

I am no promoter of Seaoil, but let’s give credit to their ingenious promo that can help motorists a lot. Given the proper promotion, it will generate enough sense to the motorists to go and patronize its products in order to get a chance of winning a lifetime supply of gasoline.

Compared with the lotto, this promo has more chances of winning and has already developed credibility since winners are being shown to the public and they (winners) even went out of their way to tell their own stories.

Last year’s winners are a Grab delivery rider (Jomar Alluag), a FoodPanda delivery rider Jason Deposoy, and a working student/driver Jenreel Alger. Among other past winners were working moms, jeepney drivers, and entrepreneurs. Words definitely spread like fire when they won and were seen live to tell their respective stories to their colleagues. Those P5,000-worth of gasoline per month had definitely made changes in their respective lives for the better.

Looking at this Seaoil promotion, one will simply ask why Petron, Shell, and Caltex could not come up with this kind of promo? For the record, Seaoil’s promo started last Nov. 14 up to Feb. 13, 2023. Just buy Seaoil products worth P500 and you’re in the running for one of the three lucky winners – one from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao — of “Lifetime Free Gas.” What’s more surprising here is that there will also be 9 winners – 3 each from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao – who can buy an exclusive price of only P10 per liter of fuel for one year through its PriceLOCQ, Seaoil’s mobile app that allows its customers to lock fuel prices for later use.

Well, I tell you again, I am no Seaoil promoter but this is one promo that needs to be considered if you are to buy fuel for your car tomorrow. Winning a lifetime supply of fuel is no joke, really!


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