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Is Sam Milby transferring to GMA?

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In a recent showbiz function, Sam Milby was asked if there was any truth to the rumor that he would be transferring to GMA-7. According to the grapevine he was being considered for the role of Herlene Budol’s love interest in her launching soap Magandang Dilag. 

“I don’t want to talk about offers from other networks,” he averred. “As much as possible, I don’t want to leave ABS-CBN because they’re the one who made me and is instrumental in where I am today in the industry.”

“ABS-CBN changed my life remarkably. As long as I can stay with them, as long as they need me, I will stay,” he carried on.

Sam still considers that the Kapamilya is undergoing major adjustment after losing its franchise, he wanted the media company to know that he’s on its side.

Filipino-American actor and singer Sam Milby

“ABS-CBN is still in a difficult stage right now. After the franchise was denied and then the supposed partnership with TV 5 also didn’t push through, it needs us. But the Kapamilya is surviving. It continues to come up with great projects. That’s one good thing about them: you can be assured that no matter what, the quality of their projects is always high.”

Sam understands the decision of those who transferred to different networks. He believes the management understands them, too, considering permission to “jump ship was sought.”

“One good example is Rayver Cruz. Remember, he transferred to GMA even before the pandemic, right? He asked permission and everything turned out fine. He didn’t burn bridges, so to speak. I guess, that’s the important thing. Make sure that you show appreciation to the station that has given you so much love and so much work and blessings. I think if you keep that relationship and you obtained permission, things will be alright,” he explained.

The actor-singer is also open to collaborations, especially since there are talks that GMA and ABS will merge forces to do a project in the coming days.

“It’s a welcome idea for me. That will be nice. It will be good to the industry unlike 10 or 15 years ago when the network war was at its peak. Now, it’s a different scenario. Of course, competition will always be there but I think now, they’re more open to working together. It’s definitely a nice development. So for me, if it’s a good role and project, yes…I will do it,” Sam ended. 

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Ken Chan is grateful to GMA for taking care of their talents during the height of the pandemic – especially when everything was uncertain. 

“Huge thanks to my mother studio for still being able to find a way to air our shows despite the limitations.”

The pandemic has definitely made the cute actor realize the value of a fallback if ever acting offers become scarce. 

“You should have a Plan B. I learned this from the late Kuya Germs (German Moreno) and Ms. Gloria Romero. They always tell me to have a Plan B because you are not certain what the future holds, right?”

It’s good that he listened to his mentors.

“Yes! That’s why I entered the business. You have to gamble. You can’t rely solely on your showbiz career. You don’t know if tomorrow the public doesn’t want you anymore or if you’re already tired. So, what would you do? It’s safe if you have a fallback,” Ken states.  


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