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Converge supports Davao’s bid to become world-class digital city

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Converge ICT Solutions Inc. said it is ramping up its digital infrastructure in Davao City to support the latter’s bid to become a world-class digital city.

Converge chief executive and co-founder Dennis Anthony Uy, in a meeting with Davao City Mayor Sebastian Duterte, reiterated the company’s commitment to investing in Davao, especially as Converge builds its international bandwidth portfolio.

Davao City plays a key role in the company’s plans to expand its domestic network and fortify its international connectivity, he said.

“We are one with Davao City in its aspiration to become a smart city. As host to our international cable landing station for the Bifrost Cable System, the city and the whole province will have direct access to world-class connectivity,” Uy said.

Duterte said he was determined to fully modernize the operations of city offices by integrating digital tools and putting up online platforms to further promote ease of doing business and make public services more accessible to residents.

“I really want to modernize the [government] offices…use technology to make things easier for everybody; not only the people working in government, but also for the people who have transactions with the government,” Duterte said at the start of his term as mayor.

Converge announced in May 2021 its participation in the Bifrost Cable System—the world’s first cable system which directly connects Singapore to the west coast of North America, together with Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation’s wholly-owned subsidiary Keppel Midgard Holdings Pte. Ltd.

KMH and Converge will jointly develop a branch on the Bifrost Cable System that will land in Davao, with Converge also being granted an indefeasible right of use on the entire Davao branch.

KMH will engage Converge as the landing party for the Davao branch segment. The additional branch will significantly increase internet speeds and network diversity for businesses and consumers in the Philippines.

“The additional Davao branch for the Bifrost Cable System will significantly increase internet speeds and network diversity for businesses and consumers in the Philippines for a better digital experience,” Uy said.

Converge has the most diversified international network in the country with access to seven international cable systems and points of presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and the US.

The fiber internet company also has the most extensive domestic fixed broadband network with 600,000 kilometers of fiber assets as of September 2022, covering 51 percent of Filipino households.


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