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Eric Celerio plays Levi 

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New York City-based musician Eric Celerio has released an album called Celerio By Celerio as a tribute to his father, National Artist for Music, Levi Celerio. The album, released under a distributorship deal with Universal Records, dropped on October 7 on various digital platforms.

New York City-based musician Eric Celerio

Made up of 13 tracks, this new album has strong jazz, Latin, Neo-Classical, smooth pop, and jazz flavors juxtaposed with old man Levi Celerio’s timeless Tagalog classics rendered with a modern touch. Think “Kahit Konting Pagtingin,” “Saan Ka Man Naroroon,” and “Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal.” 

Eric Celerio grew up in New York where he moved from the Philippines at age 13. A distinguished son of Mang Levi, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Queens College (he’s a few units shy of a master’s). His music background covers a wide range, from classical to pop and rock. 

Eric Celerio’s music covers a wide range of genres, from classical to pop and rock

A working musician in New York City, he gigs at exclusive joints and other key places such as  Waldorf Astoria, Pierre, Harvard Club, Ciprianni, Trump Plaza, and Central Park’s open-air gardens. Much in demand for his sheer artistry and virtuosity in New York where he has made his mark, he also does backup work for various artists, including entertainers Christina Aguillera, Lea Salonga, Nonoy Zuniga, and Mike Hanopol, among others. 

A multi-hyphenated musician (producer, sessionist, performer), Eric won the Carnegie Recital Hall Piano Competition in the late 70’s Eric looks up to Art Tatum, Victor Borge, Bobby Enriquez, and Chopin as his piano influences. His guitar-playing is influenced by Frank Gambale, Ywie Malmsteen, and Al Dimeola. 

‘Celerio by Celerio’ is s tribute to National Artist for Music Levi Celerio

In wielding both piano and guitar, Eric has imbued his own, personal style marked by larger-than-life showmanship and humor that could be rowdy and recklessly irreverent. 

Eric has to his credit three previous albums that capture his rare gift of music that he celebrates with zest in every performance. 


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