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‘Long hair, do care’

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Actress Kim Chiu, haircare brand Hairfix, and charity organization Hair of Hope are changing people’s lives one hair wig at a time. 

Lifestrong’s General Manager, Marge Lee and President Lance Lee with Kim Chiu with Hair for Hope representative

Hairfix has recently conducted a hair donation drive in cooperation with the actress and the charity organization aiming to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. The proceeds from Hairfix’s accumulated product purchases have been utilized to raise funds to provide hair wigs, which were distributed in participation with the Philippine General Hospital.

“Initially, it’s Hairfix’s advocacy, and since I’m their endorser, I’m just so happy that they tapped me to be part of this worthy cause,” the actress told Manila Standard Life in an interview. 

“Our goal here is to bring their confidence back. And personally, that’s also my goal…to make cancer patients still feel confident. We know their struggles, some of them don’t want to leave their homes anymore. In our own little way, we aim to give them hope. And through our small effort, we want to let them know that we do care,” she added.

Kim—who was described by an executive as someone who impeccably embodies the elements of what Hairfix is—recently renewed her ties with the brand.

“She is a celebrity who can do anything whatever she sets her mind to, and is successful at that one, a total package. Quite similar to Kim, Hairfix also shares the same versatility and multi-functionality that caters to every need the job demands. In the same way that Lifestrong Hairfix aims to provide the optimum hair care,” said Lifestrong General Manager Marge Lee.  

Spanning for eight years, Lifestrong Hairfix provides a complete do-it-yourself hair care solution catering to every hair need from hair essentials, hair treatments, hair color, hair styling, and general merchandise for a complete DIY experience at home. 

The company founders, Lance Lee and Margaret Lee, have kept in mind the vision to provide Filipinos with a strong local brand with quality consumer products that tackles the needs and wants of the Filipino global market in health, beauty, and wellness. 

Lifestrong’s General Manager, Marge Lee and President Lance Lee with Kim Chiu

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